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Rum Special Reserve El Dorado Demerara 21 Anni

Rum Special Reserve El Dorado Demerara 21 Anni


Il Rum El Dorado 21 Anni è una preziosa e superba espressione di rum Demerara, invecchiato per 21 anni in botti di Bourbon. I suoi aromi sono profondi, intensi e complessi, con note di miele, legni nobili, frutta secca, tabacco dolce e miele in evidenza




Alcohol content

43 %


70 cl Bottle


21 years in ex-Bourbon barrels


Rum Special Reserve El Dorado 21 Anni represents a fine and complex distillate made by the renowned Caribbean producer Demerara Distillers. The 'El Dorado' line, of which this bottle is one of the finest expressions, encompasses over 300 years of tradition in Caribbean rum production. Demerara has taken this heritage and combined it with the most modern technology in the industry to create authentic and exceptionally crafted rums. The distillery operates in the Republic of Guyana, one of the Caribbean islands most dedicated to rum production.
For the production of Rum Special Reserve El Dorado Demerara 21 Anni, several rums made from sugar cane molasses are combined. It all starts with the alcoholic fermentation of the molasses carried out at a controlled temperature by specially selected yeasts. The fermented product is then placed in three different types of stills (Enmore Coffey Still in wood, Versailles Pot Still in wood and Albion Savalle Still) where the distillation process takes place. Once the distillation phase is over, the liquid is transferred to Bourbon barrels for the very long ageing process of no less than 21 years, during which the rum is enriched with distinctive aromas and flavours.
The colour of Demerara Distillers' Rum El Dorado Special Reserve 21 Years is brilliant bronze. Heady sensations of walnut, chestnut honey, brown sugar, caramel and ripe tropical fruit strike the nose, accompanied by hints of wood, cigar box and gunpowder. The tasting reveals a dense, silky body and an irresistible elegance and richness of sensations that recall the smoky and dried fruit notes perceived on the nose.


Deep red, tending to garnet


Silky, balanced, rich and elegant


Notes of wood, cigars, walnut and honey