Rum Reserva Especial Millonario 15 Anni

Il Rum Millonario 15 anni è un distillato peruviano di melassa di canna da zucchero, invecchiato con metodo solera e dotato di una personalità ricca, morbida ed esuberante. Sentori burrosi di canditi, frutta secca tropicale, caramello e spezie dolci spiccano da una tessitura aromatica cremosa, vellutata, armonica e molto piacevole

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Produced by

Sugar cane




Lambayeque (Perù)

Alcohol content


Bottle size

70 cl Bottle - no original package


Blend of rum aged untile 15 years with Solera Method in ex-Bourbon adn ex-Sherry casks

To enjoy it at its best

Serving temp.
Low Balloon
Low Balloon

The Low Balloon for Rum allows to take it with the hand, warming the spirit with the body temperature and it allows the volatile components to breathe and to be appreciated more


The Rum Millonario comes from Peru, a country certainly not known to the world as a producer of rum but this product has received critical acclaim worldwide. Millonario 15 years occupies an important position among the best rums produced enough to be voted the best rum in the world in 2008 and 2009. After a slow fermentation, the juice is ready to be distilled in column stills using the old: a traditional outfit capable to concentrate the alcohol content and essences to give a strong drink and uplifting. Then the rum goes to sit for years in American oak casks in a solera system, absorbing the flavors of the wood and giving the bumps. The result is a rum that has dark walnut color, pleasant scent and exuberant, a range of aromas of caramel and freshly baked pastries, with a combination of aromas of clove, cinnamon and currants. It is not particularly robust, as you might expect, but in the mouth is an explosion of tropical dried fruits: raisins, dates, fig jam blacks. Its finish is long and seems to have no end, sometimes slightly bitter but balanced by a great balance. Considerable complexity to this rum from slow aging.

Colour Dark walnut

Scent Pleasant and exuberant notes of caramel, hot pastries, cloves, cinnamon and dried fruits tropical

Taste Full-bodied, with an exuberant range of aromas and well-balanced

producer: Millonario

Distillati principali
Foundation year
Chiclayo (Perù)
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