Rum Vieux Agricole 'Piramide' Bally 12 Anni

Il Rum “Piramide” Bally 12 anni è un rum agricole di grande eleganza, ottenuto in Martinica da puro succo di canna da zucchero. Si tratta di un distillato evoluto, ricco e complesso, pieno e persistente, da meditazione

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Sugar cane




Martinica (Caribbean)

Alcohol content


Bottle size

70 cl Bottle - no original package


12 years in French ex-Cognac barrels

To enjoy it at its best

Serving temp.
Low Balloon
Low Balloon

The Low Balloon for Rum allows to take it with the hand, warming the spirit with the body temperature and it allows the volatile components to breathe and to be appreciated more


The company produces JBally since the early 800 in the company that gave birth in 1924 to Bally distillery, known for the production of rum from high grades, but taste fine. The Pyramid Bally Rhum Rhum is the pioneer of the vintage produced in a limited area of twenty-three municipalities of Martinique, one of the islands of the Antilles. A product that has over seventy years of history rooted in an area of choice for the cultivation of sugar cane. It is an agricultural rum obtained from the first "grind" of the barrel (hence the term "agriculture") and a strong personality, dry and with considerable alcohol content, like almost all the spirits that are part of this category. Full of fragrance notes and bold retro-olfactory persistence, is aged in old oak barrels of white oak that gives a nice amber color and delicate fragrances that only time can provide. There is distilled from molasses, as in most of the time, but from the juice of sugar cane harvested in the limited period of January and February. It can be considered like a great wine just because the quality of sugarcane varies from year to year, bringing with them different characteristics, as with grapes.

Colour Intense amber

Scent Notes of cocoa, nutmeg and tobacco

Taste Full, rich of woody notes, elegant, seductive and with a beautiful persistence

producer: J. Bally

Distillati principali
Foundation year
Simon Distillery, Habitation Lajus in Le Carbet - Martinica
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