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Sauvignon 'Zuc di Volpe' Volpe Pasini 2022
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Sauvignon 'Zuc di Volpe' Volpe Pasini 2022

Volpe Pasini

The Sauvignon  "Zuc di Volpe" is a medium-bodied, soft, fragrant and perfumed white wine with clear but delicate varietal hints and a dry and harmonious taste. It is not filtered by the producer to keep its most authentic and varietal aromas unchanged: wild herbs, green bell pepper, nettles and tomato leaf




Colli Orientali del Friuli DOC


Sauvignon 100%


Alcohol content

13 %


75 cl Bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The Sauvignon Zuc di Volpe is one of the most representative wines of Volpe Pasini, a real institution for Friuli winemaking since the seventeenth century, a period when the earliest documents which attest the production of wine from the property date back to. Located in the heart of the eastern hills of Friuli, Volpe Pasini has an enviable heritage land: the heart of the company, with its offices and cellars, consists of a manor house, whose original structure dates back to 1596, and a beautiful complex of buildings that surround the villa itself. Stand out, in the surrounding area, the vineyards of the historic property, extended for about 52 hectares, with some of the most significant indigenous and traditional varieties of Friuli. The cultivation, managed according to integrated production rules in respect of natural factors, favors the white grapes, able to result in wines of soft texture and intense flavor profile. The white winemaking follows strictly the principles of modern technology, which is the resultant of all the interpretations of the physical, chemical and biological evolutive phenomena of fermentation. In the cellar Volpe Pasini uses, therefore, both strict reduction technologies for obtaining extreme aromatic elegance, both cryomaceration techniques for the exaltation of the structure of the wines themselves. Following this strict path, was created Sauvignon Zuc di Volpe, belonging to the top range of Volpe Pasini: fresh, fruity, with a bouquet of great depth, it is one of the best interpretations of the authentic feature of this variety, highlighting its great personality. This is clear also to the most important sector guides, which recognized in Sauvignon Zuc di Volpe, since the earliest years of production, an important sample of Friuli winemaking.


Bright straw yellow


Smooth and elegant fruity impact, with a fresh and dry closing


Great harmony among the distinctive herbaceous notes which typically characterize the grape variety