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Tierra de Marmol Rosado Bodegas Tierra 2022

Tierra de Marmol Rosado Bodegas Tierra 2022

Bodegas Tierra

Tierra de Marmol Rosado from Bodegas Tierra winery is a unique rosé wine that owes its name to its aging in marble tanks. On the palate it is fresh, drinkable and balanced, with a long finish and supported by nice acidity. The nose expresses notes of berries, accompanied by mineral and balsamic nuances. To drink as an aperitif or with dishes with Mediterranean aromas




Rioja DOC


Blend of Garnacha Tinta, Tempranillo and other native grapes


Alcohol content

13 %


75 cl Bottle


Spontaneous fermentation in 600-liter used French oak barrels


8 months in marble tanks

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Tierra de Marmol Rosado by Bodegas Tierra is a wine that speaks of authenticity and tradition, a unique product that reflects the soul of its origin. Located in the renowned vineyards of Labastida and San Vicente de la Sonsierra, Bodegas Tierra stands out for its meticulousness and passion, managing 24 hectares of owned vineyards and another 6 hectares leased. This rosé takes its name from the particular technique of aging in marble vats, a detail that not only influences the taste but also imparts a distinctive and refined quality to the wine. The label, elegant and sophisticated, recalls the purity of marble and suggests the freshness and minerality that are then found in the glass, capturing the attention of those seeking an authentic and refined oenological experience. Indeed, the Labastida territory is renowned for its mineral-rich soils, which give the local wines a characteristic territorial imprint.

The production of Tierra de Marmol Rosado follows a rigorous artisanal process: the grapes, a blend of Garnacha Tinta, Tempranillo, and other native varieties, are carefully selected and harvested in 12 kg crates, thus preserving the quality of the bunches. Fermentation occurs spontaneously in 600-liter used French oak barrels, used to ensure a perfect balance between the wood and the wine. After fermentation, the wine is transferred to marble vats where it rests for eight months, during which it develops its unmistakable freshness and minerality, before being bottled.

Tierra de Marmol Rosado presents a deep pink color with bright hues, reminiscent of onion skin. On the nose, it opens with lively notes of small berries, accompanied by delicate mineral scents and a light balsamic undertone. On the palate, this rosé surprises with its freshness and lightness, featuring a fragrant structure and a vibrant acidity that prolongs the finish. Its minerality, inherited from the soils of its origin, emerges clearly, making each sip an enveloping experience. Perfect as an aperitif, Tierra de Marmol Rosado pairs splendidly with Mediterranean-flavored dishes, from light appetizers to more structured main courses, enhancing each dish with its unique and refined character.


Intense pink with brilliant hues


Fresh, light and fragrant, mineral and with nice acidity


Notes of small berries, mineral and balsamic hints