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Valpolicella 'Laute' Adalia - Camerani 2022
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Valpolicella 'Laute' Adalia - Camerani 2022


Valpolicella "Laute" is a fruity and fresh red wine, spontaneously vinified in concrete vats and aged for a few months in the same containers. It smells of small red fruit, with tones of cherry, grape must and spicy memories. The sip is agile and smooth, with appreciable balance and finesse

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Valpolicella DOC


Corvinone 40%, Corvina 30%, Rondinella 20%, Molinara 10%


Alcohol content

12.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts in cement vats and maceration on the skins for one week


Some months in concrete vats

Filosofia produttiva

Organic, Indigenous yeasts, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites , bio da agricoltura Italia o EU , Codice Operatore nr. 16651


Adalia - Camerani Valpolicella 'Laute' is a bottle with a balanced and juicy taste profile that reveals the more accessible face of Valpolicella. Since 2009, the Adalia winery has been owned by Marinella Camerani, an artisanal winemaker and owner of Corte Sant'Alda, another of the Veronese region's most authentic and eco-friendly wineries. The name refers to the Adalia Bipunctata, a ladybird with two black spots on its wings, also depicted in the winery's logo, and is intended to underline the winery's respect for nature. Instead, the name of this label derives from Cimbrian and translates into 'people'.

The 'Laute' Valpolicella di Adalia - Camerani is made from a blend of Corvinone (also known as Corvina Grossa) (40%), Corvina (30%), Rondinella (20%) and Molinara (10%). The vines are planted between 250 and 300 metres above sea level on medium-textured limestone soils with full eastern exposure. Manual harvesting is followed by destemming and soft crushing of the bunches, with subsequent alcoholic fermentation of the must conducted exclusively by indigenous yeasts in steel tanks. Maceration on the skins continues for a week, and once the fermentation process is complete, the wine remains in the same tanks until bottling.

The Valpolicella 'Laute' from Marinella Camerani's Adalia winery has a luminous ruby red colour. The nose evokes hints of berries, cherry, pomegranate and red flowers, supported by herbaceous and spicy perceptions. Juicy, agile and well-balanced on the palate, with very good freshness and a delicate tannic texture. Thanks to its immediacy and pleasantness, Valpolicella 'Laute' pairs well with platters of cured meats and assorted cheeses, first courses or white meats.


Bright red ruby


Fresh, agile, well balanced and juicy


Notes of berries, cherry, pomegranate, red flowers, herbaceous and spicy sensations