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Vin Jaune Anne et Jean Francois Ganevat 2015 - 62cl

Vin Jaune Anne et Jean Francois Ganevat 2015 - 62cl

Jean Francois Ganevat

The Vin Jaune of Anne et Jean Francois Ganevat is a white wine, an undisputed icon of the Jura region for its complexity and richness. Made from pure Savagnin grapes, this oenological masterpiece is matured for a good 84 months in drained wooden barrels, giving the wine typically oxidative notes. Dried fruit, acacia honey, cinnamon, tobacco and quince are then revealed on the palate, making it perfect to be enjoyed with blue-veined cheeses with a strong flavour




Cotes du Jura AOC


Savagnin 100%


Alcohol content

14 %


62 cl Bottle


Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts in wooden barrels


84 months in drained wooden barrels and under a veil of yeasts

Filosofia produttiva

Oxidative Style, Indigenous yeasts, No added sulfites or minimum, Natural, Biodynamic, Organic

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites
Collection bottle, no discounts


The Vin Jaune Anne et Jean-François Ganevat represents a classic and fine expression of one of the most traditional wines of the Jura, interpreted with all the precision and skill of a winery that is writing the history of artisanal wines in the region. Given the limited production and the ever-increasing demand, the labels of Domaine Anne et Jean-François Ganevat have become a veritable rarity, testifying to the incredible success of the Ganevats, a family with centuries of winemaking tradition behind it.

Anne et Jean-François Ganevat Vin Jaune originates from only Savagnin grapes grown in accordance with the dictates of organic and biodynamic agriculture on marly soils of the Jura. Once harvested, the grapes are transferred to the cellar and softly pressed, with the must thus obtained being channelled into wooden barrels from Burgundy. Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation and the long ageing process of 84 months takes place in these wine barrels, during which time no topping up takes place, thus leaving the barrels partially drained and favouring the development of flor yeasts. These yeasts create a surface veil that protects the wine from uncontrolled oxidation while at the same time imparting unique aromas.

To the eye, Domaine Anne et Jean-François Ganevat's Vin Jaune reveals a deep golden yellow colour. The deep and generous aromatic spectrum is articulated on hints of quince, gingerbread, citrus peel, chestnut honey, cinnamon, curry, walnuts and blond tobacco. The taste is confirmed by richness and complexity, with a lively and powerful progression defined by lively freshness and an incisive sapid-mineral trail. The interminable final persistence insists on sensations of ripe fruit and oriental spices.


Deep straw yellow


Complex, mineral, rich and lively


Curry, nuts, cinnamon, gingerbread, quince and tobacco