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Vino di Visciole 'Querciantica' Velenosi - 50cl

Vino di Visciole 'Querciantica' Velenosi - 50cl


The Vino di Visciole  "Querciantica" is a sweet alcoholic beverage made from red wine flavored with a syrup of wild cherries according to an ancient tradition from the Marche region. The aromas are intense, pleasant and fruity, of small red fruits and cherries. The sip is delicately sweet, soft, fresh and persistent




Lacrima di Morro d'Alba e visciole


Alcohol content

14.5 %


50 cl Bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites




Vino di Visciole "Querciantica" from the famous Marche winery Velenosi is a speciality that has its roots in the oldest traditions of the area. Particularly structured and tannic red wines used to be mellowed with the addition of a sour cherry syrup that made them sweeter and softer on the palate. An age-old tribute to the fairer sex for its aromas, enveloping softness and sweet charm. Velenosi has taken up this ancient custom and produces the "Querciantica" label, combining Lacrima di Morro d'Alba red wine with wild cherry syrup. The result is a goblet that seduces with its exuberant aromas, persuasive and harmonious fruit, and ripe sweetness reminiscent of cherry jam notes.

"Querciantica" is a Vino di Visciole that Velenosi began producing in 2007, drawing on Medieval traditions. It seems, in fact, that Federico da Montefeltro was a lover of this particular type of alcoholic beverage with rich aromas and sweet taste. So the Velenosi winery, which has always been committed to promoting indigenous grape varieties from the Marche region, could not fail to dedicate a label to this curious dessert wine fruit flavoured as well. Founded in the mid-1980s, Velenosi soon established itself as one of the region's most important companies. Today it operates a nearly 200-hectare estate near Ascoli Piceno, in a magnificent hilly area that slopes gently toward the Adriatic coast. The Mediterranean climate and sea breezes provide a perfect habitat for vines that have dwelled in this region for millennia.

Prunus cerasus wild cherries is used to produce Velenosi's "Querciantica" Vino di Visciole. Once picked, they are left to macerate, partly whole and partly crushed, with sugar to promote natural fermentation, which then leads to the production of sour cherry syrup. Once decanted and filtered, the syrup is combined in equal parts with Lacrima di Morro d'Alba wine. In the glass, it has a deep ruby red colour with slight amaranth hues. It releases aromas of cherry, blackberry, blueberry, and berry jam on the nose. The entry on the palate is soft, with sweet fruit and a broad, rounded sip accompanying a lingering, balanced finish. It is great to enjoy at the end of a meal with a few slivers of dark chocolate or with a bitter cocoa dessert.


Deep ruby red


Soft, fresh and persistent


Fruity notes of raspberry, strawberry, cherry and hints of peach and ripe pear