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Whisky Coffey Malt Nikka

Whisky Coffey Malt Nikka


Nikka's Whisky Coffey Malt by Nikka is a pure malt whisky, that is, made from only barley malt, from Japan, produced using the ancient Coffey stills. With good body and complexity, it is rich in fruity and spicy aromas and has a sweet and velvety taste, fresh and elegant




Alcohol content

45 %


70 cl Bottle

Prodotto da

Pure malt


Undeclared; probably until 10 years in oak barrels


The Coffey Malt is a Whisky with a good personality, coming through with a smooth and flowing body, accompanied, however, by layered and energetic aromas. This is one of the labels in Nikka's range made from special stills, the Coffey. The distillery, now a true benchmark not only for Japan but for Whisky enthusiasts around the world, decided to import these stills directly from Scotland, convinced that they could help give a deeper and more multifaceted aromatic range. Usually, Nikka uses them to distil grain, but he makes an exception with this bottle, giving us a unique and distinctive Whisky.

Coffey Malt Whisky is the result of a single distillation carried out by Nikka, starting with pure Japanese barley malt, carefully selected. Coffey stills, named after their inventor, Aeneas Coffey, imported from Scotland in 1963, are used because they were believed to impart greater richness to the final product. Once the distillation phase is complete, the whisky is rested in oak casks, where it will remain until bottling.

Coffey Malt is a Whisky with an intense colour, recalling the golden yellow hue. The nose is elegant and refined, presenting a robe of sweet aromas ranging from cooked pear to banana to vanilla, moving on a carpet of smoky nuances. The palate is full-bodied, velvety, and subtle, with a pleasantly refreshing mouthfeel marked by a slightly sweet taste. One of many labels made by Nikka stands out for its quality, a true trademark of this Japanese distillery.


Intense golden yellow


Smooth and velvety, with sweet aromas of toffee, ripe fruit and coffee


Sweet notes of baked pear, ripe banana and vanilla and smoked hints of toasted cereals