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Whisky Single Malt Miyagikyo No Aged Nikka - 70cl

Whisky Single Malt Miyagikyo No Aged Nikka - 70cl


The Whisky Nikka's Miyagikyo No Aged is a smooth and light Japanese single malt. Intense, refined aromas of apple and citrus open to spicy developments of black pepper, almonds and cinnamon in a creamy, velvety sip




Alcohol content

43 %


70 cl Bottle


Undeclared; blend of whiskeys aged for some years in ex-Sherry casks


Nikka's Miyagikyo No Aged Whisky is a Japanese single malt with a refined, elegant profile and a delicate, smooth and light taste. It is a very interesting label that well expresses the Japanese art of making harmonious, subtle and balanced spirits. The high quality of barley malt, the purest water from pristine springs and a distillation process executed with extreme precision gives an incredible aromatic fineness, all played on delicate floral notes, fresh and fragrant fruity and malty aromas. It is a perfect Whisky for those who love distillates that make purity their stylistic hallmark or for those who want to approach the fascinating and surprising world of Japanese Whisky to learn more about its characteristics and peculiarities.

Miyagikyo No Aged Single Malt is a Whisky made by the Nikka distillery, which is a true institution in the spirits scene in the Rising Sun. It was founded in 1934 by Masataka Taketsuru, who combined the centuries-old family tradition in the art of Saké making with a passion for Whisky, deepened by a long stay on Scottish soil. Nikka Whiskies are thus symbolic of the meeting of two different cultures, seemingly far apart, but which have found in the stills their common territory. Nikka's hallmark lies in a still artisanal approach devoted to the pursuit of absolute quality. Although production has now reached significant volumes, Nikka continues to work with the highest quality barley malt, light and purest spring water, and careful and rigorous distillation processes.

Miyagikyo No Aged Nikka Single Malt Whisky, at the end of the distillation process, is aged in previously used oak barrels in order to soften the Whisky's profile and enrich its aromatic complexity. In the glass, it has a bright, old gold colour. The nose expresses an elegant bouquet with floral scents, aromas of yellow-fleshed fruit, hints of soft oriental spices and black pepper. The taste is subtle and light, with a velvety palate entry characterized by notes of malt, tropical fruit, chocolate and spices. The finish is very harmonious and persistent.


Ancient golden yellow


Soft and elegant, rich in spicy and fruity notes


Light and fine, with notes of fresh fruit and spices