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Whisky 'Toiteach A Dha' Bunnahabhain

Whisky 'Toiteach A Dha' Bunnahabhain


Bunnahabhain's 'Toiteach A Dha' is a lightly peated whisky with a warm, smooth sip. Its name means smoky two in Gaelic because it is the second peaty whisky produced by the Scottish distillery. A flagship of Bunnahabhain, it is marked by a delicate and pleasant smokey note, supported by elegant spicy notes reminiscent of black pepper and ginger




Alcohol content

46.3 %


70 cl Bottle


Matured in barrels previously used for Sherry and Bourbon


Toiteach A Dha' whisky is a label that is part of Bunnahabhain's classic collection. This Scottish distillery on Islay differs from other famous brands on the Hebrides Islands in a very particular style. Its production process, in fact, does not involve the massive use of peat as fuel for malting the barley, thus avoiding the classic smoky notes characteristic of local whisky. The name 'Toiteach A Dha', in fact, means 'Smoky Two' in Gaelic, i.e. the second distillate with peat notes made by the distillery. Its smooth, complex and refined character focuses more on iodine and marine sensations, reminiscent of the Ocean, overlooked by the small rocky islands of the famous Scottish archipelago.

Toiteach A Dha' Whisky is produced by a historic distillery on Islay. Bunnahabhain was founded back in 1881 near Port Askaig. Owned by the Islay Distillery Company, it has experienced many vicissitudes throughout its history and today is an important reference point for lovers of great whisky in search of authentic and distinctive expressions. Bunnahabhain has built its success on the consistency of a unique and recognisable style, which has never bowed to the fashions of the moment. Its production has remained faithful to a tradition based on high quality malt, pure water and careful distillation, carried out in copper stills. The measured use of peat gives the whisky a light smoky hue without weighing down the elegance of the bouquet. Ageing takes place in oak barrels previously used for ageing Bourbon and Jerez liqueur wines, which contribute to its aromatic complexity. The whisky is then bottled without cold filtering.

Bunnahabhain 'Toiteach A Dha' Whisky offers an opportunity to break out of easy stereotypes and discover the multifaceted nature of Hebridean Island production. It is an astonishing Islay label, absolutely to be tried to appreciate its finesse. To the eye it is a luminous old gold colour with delicate amber highlights. Intense and elegant, it captivates with a bouquet that expresses aromas of ripe fruit, toasted nuts, soft malty sensations, hints of spice, pepper and ginger, hints of noble woods, smoky nuances deriving from a light peat and iodine hints of the ocean. The palate is warm and enveloping and ample, with a rich aromatic complexity, a deep and long sip, leading to a very persistent finish.


Amber with golden hues


Soft, warm, smoky and slightly spicy


Spicy notes of black pepper and ginger blend with nuances of roasted nuts