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Whisky Single Malt 'Uigeadail' Ardbeg

Whisky Single Malt 'Uigeadail' Ardbeg


The Whisky “Uigeadail” is produced from a selection of Ardbeg whisky with a final aging in ex-Sherry casks. Its name that means “dark and misterious place” expresses its deep, intense and peated profile, animated by sweet, fruity and pleasantly salty hints. An intense, full-bodied, deep and smoked Single Malt




Alcohol content

54.2 %


70 cl Bottle

Prodotto da

Barley malt


Blend of whiskies aged for over 10 years in ex-Bourbon casks with a final aging in ex-Sherry barrels


Jim Murray's "Whisky Bible" is, for those who are fans of this distillate, a real world reference. It is a guide that several times has included Ardbeg's products in the Olympus of the best Whisky produced, and that, a few years ago, decreed how the "Uigeadail" was the best Single Malt in the world. It is a label of refined elegance, characterized by complex peaty and iodine scents, which make us breathe in the force of the sea waves crashing on the southern shores of Islay. The ideal bottle to give as a gift to anyone who loves mighty Whiskies.

The Ardbeg distillery makes this Single Malt Whisky "Uigeadail" from a careful selection of raw materials to be used. Barley malt is dried together with peat, using the crystal clear brackish water from lakes not far from Ardbeg's headquarters. In particular, this "Uigedail" comes from a meticulous selection of Whiskies aged for more than 10 years in barrels that contained Bourbon. Once the final cut is made, the blend is rested further in wood that previously contained Sherry, and upon completion of maturation, the Whisky is bottled without being cold filtered.

"Uigeadail" is a Single Malt Whisky that, on visual examination, shows a beautiful golden yellow color, bright and deep. The nose is a delight of scents and aromas, developed following peaty notes, hinting at nuances of dried fruit, citrus and brackish memories. In the mouth, it is of great structure, dense and full-bodied thanks to an imposing sip, marked by a taste where peat and iodine le le s the masters. A bottle for those who like to dare, and wish to try their hand at a complex distillate, which has always represented the qualitative pinnacle of the entire production made by Ardbeg.


Intense and deep golden yellow


Full-bodied, rich and velvety, with peated, sweet and marine aromas that are very persistent


Rich, intense and smoked, with peated scents and notes of toasted dried fruits, honey, raisin and citrus