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Apples and craftsmanship: ingredients for delicious cider
Foundation Year 2011
Annual production 85.000 lt
Address Aeblerov, Ringstedvej 13 - 4520 Svinninge (DK)

The Danish production company Aeblerov specialises in tasty and genuine ciders, made according to a truly artisanal approach. It all began in 2011 in a small garage in Limfjordsvej, Vanløse, where current owner Morten Sylvest-Noer and his partner Christopher Melin started the business using a 30-litre plastic fermentation tank. At the time, the two worked as waiters while studying food science at the University of Copenhagen, dreaming of becoming wine producers. However, as the climatic conditions in Denmark are not favourable for wine growing while they are exceptional for growing apples, Morten and Christopher decided to produce cider. After the first small productions, the partners officially marketed their first cider in 2015 and today the production, which stands at 85,000 litres of fermented cider per year, also includes sour beers and other fermented fruit beverages.
In the production of its ciders and other fruit fermented beverages, Aeblerov collaborates with local farmers who organically grow apples, pears, grapes, berries and quinces. Fermentations are totally relied on indigenous yeasts and the products retain the natural bubbles that develop inside the bottle during the fermentation process. For certain products, such as the 'Rainbow Child' cider, the ingredients are also macerated with Solaris grapes and elderflower to enrich the complexity of the fermented product.
With this in mind, Aeblerov creates drinks with a funky spirit that surprise with their smoothness and dynamism, as well as a subtle, vinous character that makes them ideal for pairing with Nordic cuisine. Because of these qualities, Aeblerov drinks can also be enjoyed on their own as a light-hearted aperitif.