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The excellence of a great Scottish Single Malt
Region Lowlands (Scozia)
Address Girvan Distillery, Grangestone Industrial Estate, Girvan KA26 9PT, Regno Unito

Aerstone is a brand of Scottish Whisky, specializing in the production of excellent Single Malts characterized by a strong personality. The distillery has chosen to primarily focus on just two labels, each representing two distinct styles, cultures, and completely different regions: the Single Malt Whisky "Sea Cask" and the Single Malt Whisky "Land Cask." Sea and land, two distant yet complementary worlds, share the passion and care with which they are crafted. Both labels are unified by a meticulous selection of raw materials, distillation processes following ancient traditions, and a 10-year aging period in wood to achieve the right smoothness and expressive harmony.

The Single Malt Whisky "Sea Cask" results from a 10-year aging process that takes place entirely within the distillery's warehouses, located right on the Scottish coast of Ayrshire. The buildings are by the sea, and this unique location significantly influences the maturation process, imparting remarkable smoothness and a distinct saline note, which is its defining feature. It's a harmonious and intense Whisky with elegant floral notes, malty softness, flavors of dried fruit, vanilla, and noble woods. Its maritime spirit evokes the iodine breeze and briny sensations of windy days by the ocean.

On the other hand, the Single Malt Whisky "Land Cask" is entirely different, originating far from the sea on the plateaus of the Scottish Highlands. Its profile is smooth and enveloping, with a pleasant peaty and smoky undertone that accompanies the sip. It's a Single Malt characterized by a harmonious and soft malty sweetness, elegant spiciness, and classic smoky hints from malts dried with peat-fired kilns. These two labels represent two worlds, two different conceptions of Whisky, two extreme tastes, one savory and maritime, the other smoky and spicy. Two great Single Malts, united by quality and the assurance of a renowned Scottish brand.

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