The art of whisky

The Balvenie distillery has been founded in 1892 and since then, over the years, has become a landmark in the production of single malt whisky, having strong foundations implanted in the heart of the Scottish whisky culture in Dufftown, in the Speyside. Authenticity is the pivot around which its artisan tradition has arised, relying upon the excellent quality of the native raw materials. In fact, the distillery has an estate, named Balvenie Mains, with 1000 acres in which cultivates its own barley according to the ancient natural techniques, having only modernized the stage of the crop with a combine. The dedication to the art of making whisky can be easily distinguished by observing the other phases of working, the lasts in the Scottish Highlands: malt, after being soaked in pure spring water from the hills near the distillery, is lying along a floor, creating a "working floor malting". The seeds are rotated up to four times a day, and then is dried by adding local peat to embellish the whiskey with unique aromas. As The Balvenie’s owners explain, the shape and the large size of the copper stills are the main characters to play the most important role in the creation of unique and magnificent flavors: the distillation process, which is named "sweetening the still", provides a slow and continuous attention on juniper branches that are gradually cut and processed. The choice of the barrels in which the various spirits are placed to mature is made by the expertise of the "Malt Master", David Stewart, who according to the expressions that you want to donate biased for one type of wood, a certain time and a certain chemistry with spirits that were previously in there. The Balvenie distillery is carried out by the nineteenth century by great men of vast experience, able to sense every nuance that drops of whisky can enclose.

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