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The wealth and spirit of the Vulture area: wines born from ancient vineyards and lava caves
Region Basilicata (Italia)
Foundation Year 1992
Vineyard hectares 27
Annual production 70.000 bt
Address Basilisco cantina e vigneti, Via delle Cantine, 20 - 85022 Barile (PZ)

The Basilisco winery, carved into lava caves in the heart of the Vulture region, is a viticultural gem of the Basilicata region and the key player in an ambitious project to restore and enhance the historic Parco delle Cantine di Barile. Founded in the early 1990s with the mission of producing high quality wines, the winery was acquired in 2011 by Feudi di San Gregorio. Currently, it is managed by Viviana Malafarina, who is personally responsible for all winery operations, together with Pierpaolo Sirch, the agronomist responsible for vineyard management.

The Basilisco winery's vineyards extend over 27 hectares, and among these is "Lo Storico", a vineyard which is over 80 years old and trained on the "a capanno" system, an extremely rare method of cultivation based on the ancient Lucanian tradition. The valorisation of the territory and the vineyards, entirely converted to organic cultivation, has resulted in the decision to create crus from the individual vineyards, focusing on the different climatic characteristics and separate vinification techniques. The headquarters of the winery are located in a stately 16th century palace, while the vinification, ageing and storage areas are in the caves of the Shesh hill. These caves were dug out of the volcanic rock at the end of the 15th century and were chosen by Pierpaolo Pasolini as the setting for his 1964 film "The Gospel according to St. Matthew".

The wines of the Basilisco winery reflect the complexity and wealth of the Vulture region, an ancient volcanic territory with exceptional characteristics, capable of giving the wine succulence, freshness and minerality. The style is harmonious and modern, based on balance, structure and aromatic clarity. With its range of Aglianico del Vulture wines, Basilisco has succeeded in conveying the spirit of the territory, enhancing its immense potential and becoming part of a timeless tradition.

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