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Elegant wines from Alsace
Region Alsazia (Francia)
Foundation Year 1770
Vineyard hectares 11
Address 2, rue des Romains, 68770 Ammerschwihr

In the North-East of France, in Alsace, in "poche de Colmar" is the lovely village of Eguisheim, home to the family farm Binner: Joseph and Monique with their two sons Christian and Audrey, a family of Alsatian winemakers of which there are traces as far back as 1770. the 11 hectares of vineyards, three "grand Cru" (Koefferkopf, Winech-Schlossberg Schlossberg) perched on the steep slopes of the hill, arriving at an incline of 70%, are made up of wide terraces contained by dry stone walls, which make it very hard and tiring work of winemakers. The valley of Colmar is known for its dry climate, well ventilated, allowing perfect ripening of the grapes, with very little waste at the time of harvest. The vineyards are cultivated with the biodynamic method, green manure, preparations, herbal teas and respecting the lunar cycles. Even in the cellar Binner not make any concessions to chemistry, using only natural yeasts, spontaneous and therefore native, with long winemaking in old oak barrels in which the wine matures slowly on its lees. The Binner are part of that group, more and more thick, of winemakers who with their work show that the combination of naturalness and quality can not only exist, but also make a positive impact. And 'perhaps for this naturalness of the whole cycle, from the vineyard to the bottle, the wines produced by the family Binner are very long-lived and hold up very well aging up to about ten years. Workhorse of this winery is obviously the Riesling, the various nuances of aromas and flavors made from different crus; excel Riesling Katzenthal unfiltered and even more the Schlossberg, which enjoys the status of "grand cru", but equally important is the remarkable and Gewurztraminer "cuvée Beatrice", a wine must be sampled and enjoyed with religious attention.