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Bosco Falconeria

Genuine products born from the respect for biodiversity and biological agriculture
Region Sicilia (Italia)
Foundation Year 1933
Address C.da Bosco Falconeria - 90047 - Partinico (PA)

Sixty kilometres from Palermo, in the hills overlooking the Gulf of Castellamare, lies the Sicilian Bosco Falconeria estate, which since 1933 has been engaged in the production of typical and territorial wines. At that time, the winery consisted of 12 hectares mainly dedicated to vines and included no less than seven 'palmenti' that were used during the grape harvest. Various vicissitudes led to the partial abandonment of the estate in the following decades, until the 1970s, when the structure was restored as a summer retreat. In the following years, farming activities resumed and in 1989 Bosco Falconeria officially converted to organic farming, distancing itself from the conventional approach with a view to safeguarding the environment and biodiversity. Today, the winery is dedicated to the production of wine, oil and vinegar, as well as the cultivation of fruit, vegetables and legumes, making it an all-round agricultural farm.

The Bosco Falconeria wine-growing estate has 17 hectares of land devoted not only to wine growing but also to numerous plant species such as peach, almond, lemon, pear, loquat, avocado, fig, pistachio, strawberry, grapefruit and many others, thus promoting an environment rich in biodiversity. The entire crop management has been carried out organically for over 30 years and according to the so-called 'agriculture by subtraction', which not only replaces synthetic chemical products with organic ones, but also provides for a drastic reduction in interventions. The vines cultivated include Nero d'Avola and Catarratto, in the sub-varieties Common and Extra Lucido. These grapes are grown in the hills at 250 metres above sea level on red, calcareous, medium-textured soils. Only stainless steel vats are used as wine containers and fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature, so as to preserve the freshness and aromas of the finished wine.

The Bosco Falconeria winery's labels include the fresh and immediate white Catarratto, the complex orange wine 'Falco Peregrino' and the fruity red Nero d'Avola, all pleasant and sincere interpretations.