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No herbicides and no compromises: the wines of Farra d'Isonzo
Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italia)
Foundation Year 1964
Vineyard hectares 20
Annual production 55.000 bt
Address Via Conti Zoppini, 35 - Farra d'Isonzo (GO)

Fulvio Bressan is a non-conformist Friulian winemaker who categorically rejects those passing and homologating fashions of which the wine world is full, proudly following a niche production vision aimed at offering the the truest oenological manifestation of the Isonzo territory. The ancient winemaking roots of the Bressan family date back to the 18th century, while the establishment in recent times is due to Fulvio L. Bressan, ninth generation of "master vintners" and the current owner, who has had the merit of leading the Farra d'Isonzo winery to its definitive consecration at the world level. For the logo of the estate, the Bressans took up the family coat of arms, in which the ansata cross stands in the center.

Within the approximately 20 hectares of estate vineyards, on soils consisting of layers of gravel lying on top of clays and sandstone marls, Fulvio Bressan raises native and international varieties such as Friulano, Verduzzo, Ribolla Gialla, Malvasia Istriana, Schioppettino, Pignolo, Moscato Rosa, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. The plants are cultivated according to a really sustainable and conscientious viticulture, which excludes the use of synthetic chemicals and involves the manual execution of agronomic operations, respecting the natural cycle of the vine. Harvesting is carried out only when the berries have reached full ripeness and is followed by spontaneous alcoholic fermentation of the musts in stainless steel tanks, in contact with the skins even for the white grapes. The wine containers adopted for aging include stainless steel tanks and wooden barrels of different capacities and types, where the wines remain to mature for a long time on the fine lees until bottling, which is done without prior filtration.

The wines of the Bressan winery represent some true jewels of Friulian artisanal winemaking, endowed with an exemplary typicality that is the offspring of a well-established peasant culture. From orange wines to red wines, passing through the peculiar 'Rosantico', Fulvio Bressan's labels stand as unique expressions reflecting the strong personality of their creator.

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