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Cascina San Michele

The Asti area presented without filters by the wines of Cascina San Michele
Region Piemonte (Italia)
Foundation Year 2015
Vineyard hectares 7
Annual production 20.000 bt
Address Strada Chiesa San Michele, 8 - 14055 Castigliole d'Asti (AT)

The Cascina San Michele winery in the town of Castigliole d'Asti was established in 2015 through a partnership agreement between Marco Minucci, a young and energetic wine enthusiast, and Swiss restaurateur Arno Sgier. However, the project started five years earlier when Marco decided to manage the vineyards of this estate. It is a very modern story with a very low production, although the wines are already convincing and very successful with the public. This is undoubtedly due to Marco's strong commitment, cultivating the vines with a deep sensitivity, and following the principles of organic farming, while respecting the land and the grapes. The vineyards are surrounded by a very evocative landscape that preserves the biodiversity of the area as well as being bordered by meadows of poppies and expanses of daisies, where animals and insects make their home. The hills of the Asti area are in the background and are dotted with medieval villages and ancient castles. In this natural amphitheatre, the native Barbera, Dolcetto, Cortese and Nebbiolo grapes grow luxuriantly, following the ancient local tradition.

Cascina San Michele cultivates the local varieties on about 6.5 hectares spread over two areas. One hectare surrounds the estate in the San Michele area, while the greater portion is 100 metres away in the village of Santa Margherita. The soils, which are light-coloured and calcareous, are located on the long stretch of land that crosses the Asti area, known as the Briccone, and are particularly suited to the cultivation of Barbera grapes. These lands are left to grow without external intervention and without the use of any chemical substances. Only a low dose of copper and sulphur is tolerated, in order to preserve the integrity of the land and the fruit. The healthy grapes are transported to the winery and the must obtained is fermented with the indigenous yeasts naturally present on the skins. Refinement takes place in steel or in small used wooden barrels. Sulphur dioxide additions are kept to a minimum and the wines are bottled without being filtered.

The wines of Cascina San Michele are true interpreters of the grape, the vintage and the terroir, without any tricks or shortcuts. The Barbera wines are the flagships of the entire production, alongside territorial varieties such as Dolcetto and Nebbiolo. Their common characteristic is their high level of drinkability and freshness, which makes them easy to enjoy with food. They are highly territorial expressions that faithfully convey the most authentic side of the Asti area.