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Collin Ulysse

The great Champagne from Congy: the adventure of an enfant prodige
Region Regione Champagne (Francia)
Foundation Year 2003
Vineyard hectares 87
Address Rue des Vignerons 19, 51270 Congy

Ulysse Collin is now one of the most renowned names among Champagne enthusiasts, both for the elegance of its sparkling wines and its commitment to sustainable agronomic and oenological practices. Despite his family's 300-year history in viticulture, Olivier Collin, the winery owner, embarked on his winemaking journey in 2003. During this time, he learned the secrets of the Champenoise art from a master like Anselme Selosse. Situated near the Côte des Blancs, precisely within the village of Congy, the headquarters of this Récoltant Manipulant is a territory that Olivier has significantly contributed to enhancing. From a prodigious child to an established producer, Olivier Collin's trajectory has been surprisingly rapid.

The Ulysse Collin cellar boasts an extensive 87 hectares of vineyards, planted in predominantly clayey soils with a substantial presence of silica. The vines, including some very old ones surpassing 60 years of age, are dedicated to the three main Champagne varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Meunier. For the production of their wines, Olivier Collin exclusively selects the best grapes from the finest vineyards, while the remaining portion is sold to other Maisons. This approach ensures consistently high quality, a distinctive feature of any label bearing the Ulysse Collin name. The plants are cultivated using sustainable practices, and in the cellar, authenticity reigns supreme, with spontaneous fermentations, including complete malolactic fermentation.

Before undergoing the traditional Champagne method, the wines undergo relatively long maturation periods compared to the regional tradition, in French oak barrels. Dosages are strictly kept very low to preserve the unique expression of the terroir, and throughout the entire process, any clarification and filtration operations are excluded. Ulysse Collin Champagnes reflect Olivier's talent in combining purity and class, resulting in a harmonious blend. These labels have received numerous awards from the international wine critics and are highly sought after by enthusiasts and collectors. Central to Olivier's philosophy is the separate vinification of each parcel, whether it be the structure of 'Les Maillons' or the elegance of 'Les Roises.'

"Non creo nulla, semplicemente mi limito ad accompagnare le forze della natura"

Olivier Collin
The Champagne by Ulysse Collin