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Di Barrò

Small but historic winegrowing entity in Valle d'Aosta.
Region Valle d'Aosta (Italia)
Foundation Year 1915
Vineyard hectares 3.8
Annual production 20.000
Address Località Chateau Feuillet, 8, 11010 Saint-Pierre AO

The family-run Di Barrò winery represents one of the oldest wineries in the Aosta Valley, a land it has been enhancing through its typical wines since 1915. Since 1994, the headquarters of the estate has been located in the commune of Saint-Pierre, in Chateau Feuillet. In 1985 Di Barrò was among the first wineries to use the Denominazione di Origine Controlata Valle d'Aosta Torrette on its labels, and today the estate is led by Rini Elvira Stefania. Energy-wise, the winery is totally autonomous thanks to photovoltaic panels installed above the winemaking facility. The name "Di Barrò" comes from the local dialect and translates to "of the barrels." In fact, "barrò" are wooden barrels with the peculiar capacity of about 46 liters, once widely used in Valle d'Aosta to transport to the winery the juice of hand-pressed grapes directly in the vineyard. Also, from the union of the first letters of the surnames of the estate's former owners, Barmaz and Rossan, Rini Elvira Stefania's in-laws, we get barrò.
Most of the vineyards cultivated by the Di Barrò estate, spread over about 3 hectares, are located in Saint-Pierre, with the remainder divided among the communes of Villeneuve, Sarre and Aymavilles. Local grape varieties Petit Rouge, Mayolet, Fumin, Vuillermin, Vien de Nus, Premetta, Cornalin, Petite Arvine and Muscat are grown in these areas, as well as international varieties Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Syrah. The vines are located at high altitudes, up to 850 meters above sea level, with full southern exposure. As wine containers for fermentation and aging, the winery adopts exclusively stainless steel tanks in order to preserve the freshness and aromatic integrity of the wines.
Despite the estate's small size, the range of wines Di Barrò offers is quite wide, with a dominance of reds over whites. These are pure and juicy expressions capable of reflecting both territorial and varietal attributes.

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