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Domaine de Bellene

Traditional wine from Burgundy: great expressions of the Côte d’Or
Region Borgogna (Francia)
Foundation Year 2005
Vineyard hectares 24
Address 39, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Nicolas - 21200 Beaune (Francia)

Domaine de Bellene is the evocative name of the winery founded in 2005 by the young and brilliant winemaker Nicolas Potel. It is rooted in the centuries-old history of Burgundy and takes on the now abandoned name of the small town of Beaune, where it is housed in a large 16th century building. The 23 hectares of the estate, located between Santenay and Vosne-Romanèe, are planted with vines of exceptional longevity. These are deeply rooted and help Nicolas in his mission to keep the characteristic components of these labels, which are closely linked to the growing region, intact.

The red and white wines of Domaine de Bellene are produced by Nicolas Potel with a viticultural concept based on respect for the environment, nature and the vineyards. The latter are cultivated organically and consist exclusively of vines, the youngest of which are 35 years old and the oldest up to 104 years old. During the grape harvest, a mass selection takes place in which the grapes with the best characteristics are selected. The grapes are then collected in small baskets and immediately taken to the cellar. The idea behind the entire winemaking process is very simple: if the raw material is in excellent condition, not much needs to be done in the cellar. This results in spontaneous fermentation without the addition of foreign or external products.

The wines of Domaine de Bellene follow the biodynamic calendar scrupulously in their production stages and are produced in 6 Premiers Crus: almost all of the vineyards are located in the Côte de Beaune region, with a further 3 hectares in the Côte de Nuits. These are traditional interpretations of Burgundy, but with a typically modern elegance and balance. Savigny les Beaune, Nuits Saint George and Vosne Romanée are just some of the appellations produced by Domaine de Bellene: important and prestigious great Burgundy wines, accompanied by an equally noble philosophy dedicated to the pursuit of a better future with respect for the environment and future generations.