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Domaine de Sainte Marie

Over 200 years of winegrowing tradition in the Jura
Region Borgogna (Francia)
Foundation Year 1820
Vineyard hectares 14
Address Chemin de la Plaine - 39210 Arlay (France)
Oenologist Nicolas Cottier

The Domaine de Sainte Marie winery is part of a long family tradition rooted in the heart of the Jura. The Sainte Marie d'Agneaux family, of Norman origin, has preserved their passion for vines and wine for over two centuries. Initially in Montigny-lès-Arsures, near Arbois, where they owned a castle and land acquired from an ancestor general of the Empire, and later in Saint Germain les Arlay, near Chateau-Châlon, with the purchase of a 14-hectare estate. All these lands later became known as 'Domaine de Sainte Marie'. 

At Domaine de Sainte Marie, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, work is guided by the family's production philosophy, which aims at producing high-quality wines. Bertrand de Sainte Marie, along with his son Gaëtan and oenologist Nicolas Cottier, are dedicated to enhancing the land and traditional grape varieties of the Jura, such as Savagnin, Chardonnay, Poulsard, and Trousseau. The choice of land, vine care, and winemaking process reflect the goal of creating wines that tell the story of various generations, the territory, and their know-how. The label of Domaine de Sainte Marie bottles attests to this long tradition of passion and dedication, featuring the coat of arms of the Sainte Marie d'Agneaux family and the motto 'Fidelis, fortisque Simul': faithful and strong at the same time.

Among the winery's offerings, the signature cuvée 'l'Ensemblage' stands out, testifying to the family's dedication and constant commitment to producing high quality wines. With a long history behind it and an eye on the future, the Domaine de Sainte Marie continues to be a reference point in the wine scene of the Jura region and the whole of France itself.