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The taste of old Cuban rum
Region Cuba (Caraibi)

Eminente is the new Cuban rum launched by the Moët Hennessy group with the aim of bringing back the typical style of 19th century rum. An ambitious and innovative choice, pursued with rigour and seriousness, with the aim of achieving the highest quality, thanks to selected raw materials, careful distillation and finely crafted ageing. Eminente's characteristics of excellence are in perfect harmony with its belonging to the French LVMH group. A world leader in luxury, LVMH represents 75 brands from different sectors all united by a timeless heritage and uncompromising quality.

Eminente's unique and unmistakable style is due to the skilled artistry of César Martí, Cuba's youngest Maestro Ronero. Born on the Caribbean island, César grew up among sugar cane plantations and breathed in the age-old art of rum distillation from an early age. In fact, he comes from a family that was involved in sugar production and learned from his grandparents the ancient savoir-faire and love for his land and its traditions. Thus was born the desire to bring back the ancient style of 19th century Cuban rum, which was characterised by making the aguardiente the protagonist, in the sign of refined elegance. An almost philological recovery, based on research into the original practices of Cuban growers and Maestros Roneros, revisited in the light of the most modern knowledge.

The end result of this process was Eminente, which today stands as the most authentic interpreter of the best and oldest customs of the Isla del Cocodrilo, the name by which Cuba is known in the Caribbean for its elongated shape reminiscent of the famous reptile, sacred to the natives. And it is to this species that Eminente pays homage with its bottle that resembles the unmistakable mantle of a crocodile.Eminente is a rum that is both fresh and robust, smooth and complex, ideal both to blend and to sip on its own. Inherently linked to the unspoilt nature of the island, its distillation style is considered one of the best-kept secrets of an unexpected and secret Cuba.