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Eraldo Revelli

Family tradition of Dogliani wines
Region Piemonte (Italia)
Foundation Year 1930
Vineyard hectares 7
Address Eraldo Revelli, Località Pianbosco, 29 - 12060 Farigliano (CN)

The Eraldo Revelli winery is located in Pianbosco di Farigliano, not far from Belvedere Langhe and Dogliani. This area of Piedmont has been suitable for viticulture for centuries. Founded in 1930, the company is now in its third generation and has established itself in the landscape of the area for its continuous search for quality and its loyalty to local traditions. Today it is managed by Eraldo Revelli, the founder's grandson, with the help of his wife Luisa and daughter Claudia. The entry of the latest generation into the company has brought a wave of renewal, which has resulted in the planting of new vineyards, the renovation of the cellar and the introduction of more modern equipment that allows for more precise and rigorous vinification.

This area of Piedmont is characterised by medium-textured soils composed of clayey and calcareous marls with the presence of sand and tuff. The hills offer magnificent sunny and always ventilated exposures, which constitute an ideal habitat for vines and in particular for the two red grape varieties historically present in these lands: Dolcetto and Barbera. The property covers a total of 7 hectares, which are managed with extreme care and attention. Work in the vineyard is only carried out manually and with absolute respect for the environment. The inter-rows are kept grassed and treatments are carried out using sulphur and copper, in accordance with organic farming protocols. The low yields and harvests carried out at full maturity give concentrated, high quality grapes, a prerequisite for making great wines.

The vinification process takes place in the estate cellar, with careful fermentation and well-calibrated ageing, using stainless steel tanks and wooden barrels depending on the cuvée and grape variety. The estate's desire is to offer a range of labels of ever-higher quality, capable of conveying the varietal character of the grapes and the face of the terroir of the Dogliani area. Far from the fashions and drifts of international taste, the winery continues to produce very classic wines that directly express the personality of these lands. The greatest attention is paid to Dolcetto, already mentioned in the documents of the Dogliani municipality around 1500, but which in reality seems to have been cultivated in this area for at least a millennium. It is precisely this ancient and perfect symbiosis between vine and terroir that today makes it possible to produce wines of absolute excellence.

Eraldo Revelli's wines
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