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La Senda

A non-conformist spirit in the Bierzo region
Region Castiglia e Leon (Spagna)
Foundation Year 2012
Vineyard hectares 3
Address Barcena del Bierzo - 24491 - Ponferrada (Spagna)
Oenologist Diego Losada

It was 2012 when, within the territory of La Bierzo, heavy metal musician Diego Losada founded the small production company La Senda with the aim of bringing out the most authentic face of the area. In fact, after several experiences achieved in conventional wineries, Diego decides to follow the same out-of-the-box spirit that distinguishes his music, moving away from corrupting and homogenizing market logics. He thus settles in the outskirts of Ponferrada, his hometown enclosed in the autonomous community of Castilla y Leon but located on the border with the wine-growing area of Galicia. "Senda," the Spanish word from which this bodega takes its name, translates to "path," "trail."

La Senda consists of only 3 hectares of vineyards, divided into several small plots scattered throughout the valley and the steep mountain slopes of the area, formed by old plantings at least 50 years old. The soils that characterize the various plots, which are very heterogeneous, always have a low content of organic matter and a particular abundance of minerals ranging from limestone to slate, via iron, gold and quartz. Altitudes are high and the oceanic climate is typically cool and humid, with humidity between 80 and 90 percent. Such environmental conditions place the plants at serious risk of fungal attacks, and with these conditions, Diego's choice to embrace biodynamic agriculture by excluding the use of synthetic chemicals takes on even more value. In the winery, short macerations are carried out and only cement or old wood containers are adopted for aging the wines.

Bodega La Senda's wines constitute authentic, crystal-clear representations of the Bierzo area and Diego Losada's forthright style. Thus are born fine bottles with vibrant energy, elaborated with the native varieties of the area vinified in the most diverse ways. Red, rosé and orange wines, united by labels with appealing names and designs, as well as a pure and recognizable stylistic imprint, characterized by a musical harmony and rhythm.