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Le Coste

In the magnificent setting of Lake Bolsena in the name of sustainability
Region Lazio (Italia)
Foundation Year 2004
Vineyard hectares 15
Address Azienda Agricola LE COSTE, Via Piave, 7 - 01010 Gradoli (VT)

Within the Latium municipality of Gradoli, in the beautiful landscape of Lake Bolsena, the Le Coste di Gradoli winery stands as the spokesman of the area, producing labels of extraordinary purity and spontaneity. The history of the winery began with Gianmarco Antonuzzi's love for the world of wine, a passion that led him to escape the chaos of the city of Rome to embark on an oenological itinerary in France. After several experiences with important artisanal producers in Languedoc and Burgundy, he met in Alsace Clémentin Bouveron, who, once he finished his studies in viticulture and oenology, decided to join him in his winemaking adventure in Gradoli. Since the estate's founding in 2004 with the purchase of just over 3 hectares, the couple has followed the path of sustainability and minimal winemaking interventionism.

The 15 hectares of vineyards owned by Le Coste di Gradoli winery are reflected in Lake Bolsena, surrounded by woods, olive groves, chestnut trees and shrubs. The vines, situated between 450 and 600 meters above sea level, rest on soils of volcanic origin rich in iron and mineral substances, caressed by the constant winds that blow through the area. In this environmental context, Gianmarco and Clémentin raise mainly local varieties such as Aleatico, Grechetto Rosso, Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo, Roscetto, Procanico (as Trebbiano Toscano is locally called), Ansonica and Malvasia, as well as the noble Burgundian grape Pinot Noir. These grapes are grown according to organic farming principles and are harvested entirely by hand. In the winery, fermentations occur spontaneously thanks to the presence of indigenous yeasts, and used oak barrels, steel tanks and cement vats are adopted for subsequent maturation periods. Throughout the winemaking and aging process, both the use of oenological aids and the use of clarification and filtration are excluded.

Le Coste di Gradoli's selection is varied, based on white, rosé, red and orange wines with an authentic and straightforward character, sincere expressions of the terroir that they have behind them.

Le Coste's wines
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