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Le Monde est Petit

New handicraft stimuli in the Loire
Region Valle della Loira (Francia)
Vineyard hectares 3.5
Address 49540 Lys-Haut-Layon

Guided by a sincere artisanal spirit, the French winemaking reality Le Monde est Petit produces in harmony with nature, observing great respect for the soil, plants and grapes. This small and young Domaine was born in 2018 in the heart of the Anjou area, in the Loire Valley, from the meeting between Arnaud and Hervé. The former is strongly intent on producing excellent wines that reflect the terroir where he was born, while the latter can boast a past as a cellarman and winemaker at organic vineyards in the area.

The vineyards of Le Monde est Petit winery are spread over 3.5 hectares of limestone-clay soils scattered among the Layon hills. Varieties grown include the traditional Cabernet Franc and Grolleau, alongside which Chardonnay also finds a place. In the field, the principles of organic farming are followed, no herbicides or pesticides are used, and the yield of grapes per vine is limited, so as to encourage proper and full ripening of the berries. In addition, so as not to affect the fertility of the soil, part of the soil work is done with the help of a horse. Harvesting is done strictly by hand, with careful selection of the bunches of grapes. In the winery, grapes destined for red wines are usually subjected to short whole-cluster macerations in order to enhance the fruity aroma profile and juicy flavor. Fermentations are conducted solely by indigenous yeasts, and the use of enological aids and additives is excluded, as is that of clarification or filtration. In addition, no amount of sulfur is added throughout the winemaking process, respecting the unique expression of the terroir as much as possible.

Those of Domaine Le Monde est Petit constitute free interpretations from the box, made in limited quantities according to different types and styles. In fact, the selection includes fresh and juicy red wines, dynamic whites, orange wines and refermented in the bottle according to the Ancestral Method. All labels with a genuine and spontaneous character, endowed with a never-tiring drinkability.

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