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Mancini Piero

Climate, soil, vineyard: three elements in harmony, from which excellent wines from Gallura spring out
Region Sardegna (Italia)
Foundation Year 1989
Vineyard hectares 120
Address Via Madagascar 17 - 07026 Olbia (OT)

The Piero Mancini winery is located within Gallura, one of the most wine-producing areas in the whole of Sardinia. It is a family-run business, which comes to life from the dream of Piero, a successful dentist who, throughout his working career, has always cultivated the greatest of his passions, the love for wine. As early as the 1960s Piero began planting his first vines, fascinated in particular by what the climate-soil-vineyard triptych, if respected, is able to offer in the glass. In 1989 he officially founded the winery, located within the fascinating Gulf of Olbia, which is now run by his wife Marisa and children Laura, Antonio and Alessandro. Three united siblings who manage to work well together, dividing management tasks with rigor and discipline, having quality growth as their only goal.

Piero Mancini is a reality that today spreads over about 120 hectares of land, divided mainly around three areas: Balaiana, Lu Scolombrino and Montelittu. We are located in the heart of Gallura, within a terroir composed mainly of granite, where the climate is characterized by very pure air and mild temperatures. The vineyards are located at a height between 100 and 500 meters above sea level and within their rows we can find different varieties cultivated, from Vermentino to Cannonau, from Moscato to Merlot, reaching up to Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The vineyards are impeccably maintained, and order reigns supreme in each plot, thanks to work carried out with the utmost care. The spaces dedicated to winemaking are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with the latest technologies, ensuring speed during all operations.

Today the Piero Mancini winery presents itself as a solid reality, whose products leave Sardinia every year to reach the tables of half the world, from Ukraine to Canada, from the United States to Switzerland. A range of interesting wines, where the common matrix of every single label is quality, obtained by paying attention to that set of factors, climate-soil-vineyard, that has characterized the winery's production since the beginning.