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San Giovenale

A tale of beauty and emotion that takes us to the most environmentally friendly part of the Tuscia
Region Lazio (Italia)
Foundation Year 2006
Vineyard hectares 10
Annual production 9.000 bt
Address San Giovenale Habemus, Loc. La Macchia, 01010 Blera (VT)

The San Giovenale winery is located in the beautiful part of the Tuscia area, and is surrounded by ancient and beautiful landscapes where the strong Etruscan culture from which it takes its name can still be experienced. The small and characteristic village of Blera, which is nestled in the remote countryside, welcomes this winery and envelops it in its green embrace. The northern part of the Lazio region, with its poetic panoramas that range from the waves of the Tyrrhenian Sea to the vine-covered hills and mountains, strongly inspired winemaker Marco Casolanetti. After his experience in the Marche region at the Oasi degli Angeli winery, he decided to apply his production philosophy to the lands in the province of Viterbo. The combination of beauty and emotion is the driving force that inspires this winery with its strongly organic inclination, which has the clear intention of preserving the land and its vineyards.

The San Giovenale winery grows its Cabernet Franc, Grenache, Sirah and Carignan grapes on soils with a strong clay component, cultivating them using the alberello system which follows the farming tradition that brought these vines from Spain and France. A noteworthy feature is the very high planting density, leading to a rather low yield, which improves the quality and richness of the useful substances during fermentation. Only surplus water and vegetable products are used in the field, to ensure the health of the plants. Fermentation takes place spontaneously and all the wines leave the cellar after spending at least 20 months in new barriques. The close attention dedicated to the environment is reflected in a series of low environmental impact solutions in the production phase, allowing for substantial energy conservation and avoiding the use of fossil fuels.

The strong personality of San Giovenale's red wines is evident in the potency of the fruit, with its scent of forest fruits in syrup or in alcohol and the sweet notes of withering, alongside the woody spiciness, in a warm, pleasant and direct structure with caressing tannins that are common to its wines. It is a glass of wine that carries us on a journey through space, with a sip that feels like being in an Etruscan village, surrounded by birdsong and the hissing of the wind in the tall grass, in a unique panorama of unspoilt countryside. In the sincere simplicity of times past and those that will never be again, the complexity and richness of these wines takes us by the hand on an exclusive sensory experience, encountering a unique world that is anything but predictable.

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