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Tradition and innovation on the shores of Lake Garda
Region Veneto (Italia)
Foundation Year 1997
Vineyard hectares 13
Annual production 35.000 bt
Address Località Sansonina - 37019 Peschiera del Garda (VR)

The Sansonina winery is owned by the Zenato family, who are among the most important names in the Valpolicella and Lugana areas. The winery is named after the village of the same name, which is located near Peschiera del Garda. The property, which includes an old farmhouse and vineyards, was purchased by the Zenato family in the mid-1990s. Although it is located in an area usually cultivated with the white grape variety Trebbiano di Lugana, the estate had an ancient Merlot vineyard, which was a strange and rare case in the area and intrigued the new owners. This led to the idea of preserving the old vineyard and working to produce a great red wine, with an important and long-lived character, in a land usually dedicated to white wines.

The territory of the Peschiera del Garda area is of ancient glacial origin, consisting mainly of land mixed with morainic debris of pebbles and sand. Zoning studies have shown that the soils of the Sansonina farm have a different origin. These soils derive from an ancient lake bed and are made up of shallow deposits of clay and fine silt on a calcareous and rocky substrate. This is a very particular composition, which, because of its characteristics, is very suitable for the Merlot grape. On these soils, the Bordeaux grape variety reaches perfect phenolic maturity with very rich and intense aromas. The vineyard has been planted with high density, using French clones of Merlot, which produce rather small and scattered bunches. They are always well ventilated and not very sensitive to mould, allowing even late ripening harvests.

In addition to the historic Merlot vineyard, two other classic Bordeaux varieties are grown on the estate, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Trebbiano di Lugana is also grown among the vines, producing interesting white wines, one of which is spontaneously fermented with indigenous yeasts. The estate's cellar was created from the architectural recovery of existing rural buildings on the site, which were renovated and readapted to combine historical elements with modern functionality. The winemaking process takes place on several levels and uses gravity to avoid unnecessary energy consumption and to avoid stressing the grapes with pumps. Sansonina is a perfect example of a winery that is focused on the future with its roots firmly planted in the traditions of the region. Its wines are a splendid expression of local culture and history.

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