Dalle colline di Soave, vini originali, intensi e legati al terroir

The Suavia winery has a story that takes place between walls and vineyards where the love for wine embodies an authentic atmosphere. Situated at a height of three hundred meters, on the Veronese hills of Soave, the winery enjoys colored volcanic soils and is now at its fourth generation of highly specialized craft traditions. The name Suavia reflects a precious heritage that comes from the Middle Ages and today is still alive, being the ancient name of the small village located between the vines and olive trees of Soave, where the family settled in 1800. Since 2001, under their father's guidance, the four Tessari family’s sisters, Arianna, Meri, Valentina and Alessandra, grown in the vineyards, have begun an adventure focused on the quality and uniqueness of the white grapes Trebbiano and Garganega, devoting theirself to them with a passion and, at the same time, with a devotion to the teaching learned in the family. These vines have grown for centuries in the territory of Soave and in the recent years have been extensively studied by the winery in collaboration with the University of Milan: they embody a profession that has been carried out with the heart and the hands of the family, going back to the generation of the four sisters’ grandparents. At the base of the success of the Suavia wines there is a symbiosis between the work of man, and women, and the work of nature, whose events are so important for the production of wine. For example, the moon phases are carefully followed, as the snow is welcomed to avoid unnecessary treatments to grapes and soil. The Suavia wines are the result of days out of hard work and late nights of celebration and peace: every year they are embellished with features that are never equal, but their character is unique and represents a spirit full of passion and an ancient and unique terroir.

Other Informations

Foundation year
Hectares of vineyards
Winery-owned grapes
Annual production
200.000 bt
Valentina Tessari
Via Centro, 14 - Frazione Fittà 37038 Soave (VR)
The Wines by Suavia