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Torraccia del Piantavigna

The expression of Nebbiolo in the hills of Novara: powerful and long-lived wines
Region Piemonte (Italia)
Foundation Year 1990
Vineyard hectares 40
Annual production 200.000 bt
Address Via Romagnano, 69 A - 28074 Ghemme (NO)
Oenologist Mattia Donna

Torraccia del Piantavigna is a historical reality of Piedmontese wine, which was created after World War II by Pierino Piantavigna, who began his activity in the field of viticulture with a small vineyard in the hilly area of Ghemme, beautifully exposed to the sun, near the castle of Cavenago. The winery officially saw the light of day in 1997, thanks to the initiative of Alessandro Francoli, owner of the distillery of the same name. The site is located in Ghemme, in one of the most beautiful areas of Alto Piemonte, in the hills at the foot of the peak of Monte Rosa. The vineyards cover a total area of 40 hectares, within the famous appellations of Ghemme and Gattinara, which represent the two most prestigious excellences of the Colline della Sesia.

Today the estate is managed inspired by the principles and values of its origins, respecting the traditions of the land and the environment. In this area of northern Piedmont, vines have dwelt since the time of the Celts and then the Romans, thanks to particularly favorable soil and climate conditions. The territory is of very ancient lava origin. About 290 million years ago, a huge volcanic complex was active in this area, and magmatic rocks were then brought to the surface during the compressions of the earth's crust caused by the creation of the Alpine chain. If the Gattinara area preserves this volcanic matrix in its soils, the Ghemme area is characterized mainly by moraine and alluvial deposits of pebbles and gravels from the Alpine arc. In both cases, these are soils highly suited for viticulture, particularly for Nebbiolo, the grape that has always been grown in the region.

The climate is cool and breezy, characterized by significant temperature swings due to the presence of cold air currents, which descend from the Alpine peaks and contrast with the warm, sunny days. Viticulture has always been an important resource for the area, and only the lure of a secure wage resulting from industrialization after World War II generated a gradual abandonment of the countryside and vineyards. However, some winemakers, including Torraccia del Piantavigna, have been able to keep the ancient customs alive and enhance them through valuable work to protect the vineyard landscape. The wines express the fresh and elegant character of mountain Nebbiolo, more rarefied and subtle, refined and delicate.

"Un grande vino deve essere anche buono per l’ambiente"

Alessandro Francoli
Torraccia del Piantavigna's wines
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4 -@@-3-Bibenda
2 -@@-1-Gambero Rosso
3 -@@-2-Vitae AIS
4 -@@-3-Bibenda
4 -@@-2-Vitae AIS
2 -@@-1-Gambero Rosso
93 -@@-7-Robert Parker
4 -@@-3-Bibenda
94 -@@-5-Veronelli
4 -@@-2-Vitae AIS
94 -@@-7-Robert Parker
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