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Vecchia Romagna

Master of emotions: the historic Brandy since 1820
Region Emilia Romagna (Italia)
Foundation Year 1820
Address Via Enrico Fermi, 4 - 40069 Zola Predosa (BO)

Vecchia Romagna constitutes a historic Italian brand that has been producing iconic brandies in Zola Pedrosa, a municipality in the metropolitan city of Bologna, for more than two centuries. Founded in 1820, this distillery has established itself over the decades and its has become the world's best-selling Made in Italy brandy. The origins of this important production entity are owed to Jean Bouton, heir to the Bouton family, once a supplier to the imperial house of Napoleon I, who after the fall of the regime decided to venture to Italy, bringing with him the family's famous recipe book. He found in Emilia-Romagna the right place to start his project by opening an experimental liquor factory in Bologna in 1820, thanks in part to the support of a local entrepreneur. Ten years later, the success of the liqueur factory led to the creation of Distilleria G. Buton & C. and its Cognac Buton, renamed in 1939 as Vecchia Romagna Buton Brandy to enhance the Italian character of the product. In 1999 the distillery was taken over by the Montenegro Group, which has invested heavily in the brand's new success.
Vecchia Romagna brandy is made from a selection of high quality wines processed using the distillery's centuries of experience. Two distillation techniques are applied: one discontinuous in Charentais-type stills and the other continuous in column stills. Next, the distillate is placed to age in wooden barrels for a long period, during which it increases its olfactory complexity and "mellows" its taste. The cooperage houses more than 4,000 barrels, characterized by different toasting levels and sizes ranging from 400-liter French oak casks to 5,000-liter large Slavonian oak casks. The process ends with the delicate blending stage, followed by final bottling.
The symbol of Vecchia Romagna is Bacchus, god of wine, chosen to represent the fundamental base from which the creation of the distillery's soft and balanced brandies begins. Another hallmark of the brand is definitely the characteristic triangular shape of the bottle, which has been adopted for almost a century and has now become an unmistakable signature.

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