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Whistle Pig

The american tradition of rye whisky
Region Vermont (Stati Uniti)
Foundation Year 2007
Address 1792 Quechee Main St Second Floor, White River Junction, VT 05001, Stati Uniti

Whistle Pig is a distillery that produces Bourbon and Rye Whiskey in Shoreham, Vermont, in typical American tradition. Rye Whiskey was once the most popular spirit in the United States, but its popularity gradually declined after Prohibition. Only thanks to a group of Rye enthusiasts did this historic distillate begin a second life again with the creation of the Whistle Pig distillery. Rye Whiskey is also among the most difficult to produce and needs a perfect balance of ingredients and careful processing to produce a harmonious and complex distillate that is appreciated for its pleasing smoothness of sip and persistent flavor.
In Whistle Pig, production begins by grinding high quality rye grains. This is followed by the mashing stage, during which the starches in the grain are transformed into sugars. Thanks to the action of yeasts, fermentation allows the sugars to be broken down and alcohol to be produced, which is distilled in traditional copper stills, under the careful control of experienced master distillers, in order to obtain a perfectly clear and pure Whisky. The end result is of such an excellent standard that it is considered among the best in the world. At this point, the distillate is ready to begin the aging process. The Whisky is transferred to Vermount oak barrels, made from the wood of trees on the estate's property or from surrounding areas.
The oaks that grow in this area are particularly prized. The cold climate drives faster growth, with close rings, which gives better quality to the barrel woods. The Whistle Pig distillery is also an expert in blending. Blending different Whiskies enhances aromatic richness and flavor complexity. The entire production process is inspired by the principles of environmental and production sustainability, with a commitment to preserving the land and working in harmony with the natural environment. The rye comes from the 500 acres of the company's estate, cultivated with the utmost respect for nature and without the use of GMO grains.

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