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Whisky Rye 10 Years Old WhistlePig

Whisky Rye 10 Years Old WhistlePig


WhistlePig's 10-Year Rye Whisky is an American spirit of great persistence and intensity that is born in the state of Vermont and aged for 10 years in wooden barrels. Aromas of orange peel, aniseed, oak, caramel and vanilla accompany a round, long sip of pleasant smoothness




Alcohol content

50 %


70 cl Bottle

Prodotto da



10 years in wood barrels

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Whistle Pig's 10 Years Old Rye Whisky is a distillate of remarkable intensity and concentration produced in the state of Vermont, in the far north-east of the United States. This whisky was the first produced by the distillery, 'the one from which it all began'. It is a 100% Proof, i.e. a whisky to which no water has been added but which has been bottled from the cask at the original alcohol content, and it is also a Small Batch, i.e. it comes from the blending of a few selected casks. The word 'whisky', or 'whiskey' to Americans, is derived from the Irish Gaelic word 'uisce' and the Scottish Gaelic word 'uisge', meaning 'water'.
Whistle Pig Whisky Rye 10 Years Old originates from rye grains that are ground and then subjected to infusion (mashing), a process designed to convert starches into simple sugars that can be metabolised by yeast. At this point, the mixture undergoes alcoholic fermentation, followed by the distillation stage. Once ready, the distillate is put into Vermont oak casks made from trees taken from the same farm or the surrounding area, casks in which it is left to age for at least 10 years before bottling.
Whistle Pig's 10 Years Old Whisky Rye has a luminous amber colour. The nose offers intense sweet hints of caramel, butter biscuit, aniseed and orange peel that combine with hints of allspice and pleasant toasted and fine woody flavours. In the mouth it is warm, intense and rounded, with vivid notes of caramel and vanilla characterising the long finish. A fine rye whisky to enjoy on its own neat at the end of a meal or to use in blending to make a fantastic Whisky Sour.


Bright amber


Round, warm, intense and long lasting


Notes of caramel, cookie, sweet spices, citrus peel and roasted memories