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Barbacarlo Lino Maga 2022
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Barbacarlo Lino Maga 2022

Barbacarlo - Lino Maga

Barbacarlo is a red wine legendary from Oltrepò Pavese that has become a symbol of tradition and authenticity. It is vinified in very old barrels and bottled when fermentation is not yet completed. It is a rustic and spontaneous wine, mutable from year to year, capable of evolving in the bottle for decades




Croatina 50%, Uva Rara 30%, Ughetta 20%


Alcohol content

16 %


75 cl Bottle


In very old barrels without control systems of the temperature

Filosofia produttiva

Indigenous yeasts, Triple A, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Barbacarlo is the Italian symbol of winemaking craftsmanship, a peasant wine produced as it was once made by the knight Lino Maga in the hills of Broni. It is a rustic expression, changing from year to year, unrelated to appellations but trademarked, mythologized by the likes of Veronelli and Gianni Brera. As Lino says, "the important thing is to like it," and even if it is too sweet, he bottles it anyway because the vintage must reflect the place and time. Every year a surprise and every year a new experience, never trivial and always original, his Barbacarlo is the maximum expression of Oltrepò and the utmost respect between man and land. Nature and simplicity, nothing more. Lino Maga was a character who deserved to be known in person, a true farmer of yesteryear, strongly tied to his land. The steady, wise gaze of one who lived the vineyard and time and that damn cigarette that accompanied him in his every moment. Long silences in a place of ancient memories. Talking with Lino was an unforgettable experience that went beyond the concept of wine.

Barbacarlo wine is made from a blend of Croatina, Uva Rara and Ughetta grown in the cru of the same name, named after an old uncle Carlo ('barba' means uncle in Pavia dialect), from 100-year-old vines with very low yields. The vineyards, which rest on steeply sloping tufaceous-stony soils, are cared for in a wise, peasant manner, without the use of synthetic products, and the production process involves the use of oak and chestnut barrels for fermentation, with no added yeasts. It matures in the bottle, bringing with it an eventual refermentation that enriches it with a carbonic vein and a sweetness as caressing as it is unpredictable.

Barbacarlo Maga is an autumn red that is not easy to interpret, versatile but changeable, destined to evolve positively in the bottle for up to 20 years. The colour tends to be very intense and concentrated, tending toward garnet red with orange highlights, with the presence of natural particles due to the absence of filtration or clarification. Hints of barn and countryside emerge on the nose, intertwining with notes of ripe red fruit and sweet spices. Constants include remarkable juiciness, a slight carbonic liveliness, fresh and wild developments with an earthy background, and a long, savoury, savoury and slightly bitter finish. A collar tied to the bottles illustrates the characteristics of the vintage and writes, year after year, its history. A story that has become a legend.


Ruby dark red


Powerful and fresh, with long savory and bitterish persistence


Dry, with fruity notes of grapes, spices and black pepper