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Bardolino Le Fraghe 2022
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Bardolino Le Fraghe 2022

Le Fraghe

"Trenta vendemmie" is a light and fresh Bardolino, obtained from the skilful union of the Rondinella and Corvina vines. The delicate bouquet of black cherry, blueberries, cinnamon and pepper reveals a juicy and elegant structure, pleasantly tannic.

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Bardolino DOC


Corvina, Rondinella


Alcohol content

12.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Maceration for 7-8 days and separate vinification


6 months in steel

Filosofia produttiva

Independent Winegrowners, Organic, Indigenous yeasts, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites , bio da agricoltura Italia o EU , Codice Operatore nr. 29579


The Bardolino by Le Fraghe is the perfect blend of Corvina and Rondinella in a plot that despite his youth still manages to express a soft tannin structure and a perfect balance between freshness and flavor, two typical features of the territory surrounding Affi; and it is precisely here, in Cavaion Veronese, who began the story of Matilde Poggi, a history that has seen it inextricably linked to the world of wine since childhood, when every day listening to the speeches of the parents; there was talk of the vine, vineyard, wine, there was talk of a world where hard work is rewarded with great satisfaction; there was talk of harvest, the first is dated 1984.

Now we talk about The Fraghe as a symbol of the wineries of this region, as one of the wineries that most are committed to enhancing the name and take it to success. Ruby red in the glass, with a complex aroma that ranges from fruity of amarena and blueberries, with spicy nuances of cinnamon and black pepper; the character is most striking about this Bardolino "Trenta Vendemmie" is the elegance that is able to show on the palate and its soft tannin structure that brings balance, harmony and delicacy...


Ruby red with violet hues


Light and fresh, elegant, with a soft tannin structure and a nice persistence


Hints of black cherry and blueberry, with a finish of cinnamon and black pepper