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Barolo Chinato Nadia Curto - 50cl

Barolo Chinato Nadia Curto - 50cl

Nadia Curto

Nadia Curto's Barolo Chinato is a spiced wine from Piedmont that originated in the 19th century as an invigorating medicine. Warm, rich, slightly bitter and pleasantly spicy, Barolo Chinato comes from infusing Barolo DOCG with medicinal herbs and spices, to which alcohol and sugar are added. A spiced after-meal wine to pair with a piece of dark chocolate or dry pastry




Nebbiolo 100%


Alcohol content

18 %


50 cl Bottle

Filosofia produttiva

Natural, Indigenous yeasts

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


With Barolo Chinato, Nadia Curto proposes a recipe from the deep-rooted Langa tradition: a liqueur born at the end of the 19th century and widespread as a classic invigorating medicine against the winter cold.
Barolo Chinato is elaborated by Nadia Curto starting with Barolo 'La Foia', one of the two interpretations that the young winemaker presents of Nebbiolo from the Arborina vineyard. The additional geographical mention extends over the territory of the municipality of La Morra and is characterised by the peculiar blue marl soils of Sant'Agata Fossili and an altitude of between 270 and 300 metres: the steep slopes and considerable draining capacity favour a natural aromatic concentration in the fruit. Harvesting is carried out by hand in small crates, with yields of around 65 quintals per hectare, and the grapes are destemmed and crushed to proceed to spontaneous alcoholic fermentation, using only indigenous yeasts. After a maceration period of 20 days, interspersed with pumping over and punching down, and malolactic fermentation carried out in steel, the wine is aged for 24 months in large 20 and 30 hectolitre oak casks. The Barolo is then aromatised through a selection of medicinal plants, fruits and spices macerated for some time in a hydro-alcoholic solution: China Calissaia, Star Anise, Coriander, Quassio, Fennel, Wild Cherry, Sage and Elder are the main protagonists of the elaborate recipe. Once filtered, it is bottled and left to rest for some time in the cellar.
Nadia Curto's Barolo Chinato has an intense garnet colour with characteristic orange reflections and offers itself to the nose in all the complex spicy and macerative power brought by its ingredients. The impact turns to sensations of warmth and softness, with pungent notes of woody essence: on the sip it shows superb and balanced coherence, with a full structure supported by the right freshness, marked with infinite persistence between sweet and bitter. The classic pairing wants it alongside chocolate, but it is surprising as an aperitif, paired in the glass with ice and orange peel, perhaps with a light touch of soda.


Deep garnet red with orange hues


Warm, soft and balanced between sweetness and bitterness, with great persistence on the palate


Intense and aromatic, very fruity, hints of infused herbs return