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Passito di Pantelleria 'Ben Ryé' Donnafugata 2022 - 75cl
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Passito di Pantelleria 'Ben Ryé' Donnafugata 2022 - 75cl


The Passito di Pantelleria  "Ben Ryé" by Donnafugata is a sweet passito wine of extraordinary richness and intensity. From a soft, full and enveloping aromatic texture emerge fairy notes of dates and dried fruit, peach and apricot, counterbalanced by good freshness and minerality




Pantelleria DOC


Zibibbo 100%


Alcohol content

14.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Grapes naturally dried under the sun for 20-30 days


7 months in the fermentation tanks and 12 in bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Donnafugata's Ben Ryé is one of the most famous Sicilian passito wines in Italy and around the world, which has become a paradigm of Passito di Pantelleria. Its name means in Arabic "daughter of the wind," an epithet attributed to this Mediterranean island, affected by winds that blow over the grape clusters and crops, bringing with them intense and very characteristic aromas, the same ones we find in the wine. The image that decorates the label is created by designer Stefano Vitale and illustrates the work and toil of the winemakers in this area, illuminated by intense sunlight, with the 'dammuso', a typical architecture of the island, in the background.

The Zibibbo grapes that give rise to Donnafugata Ben Ryé come from no less than 11 contrade (districts) on the island of Pantelleria: each of these is characterized by a different microclimate and produces grapes with unique characteristics. The production work consists of harvesting the grapes from the typical Pantelleria saplings, cleaning the bunches and naturally drying them on trellises in the sun for 3-4 weeks starting on August 15. In September, a second harvest is carried out in the less precocious districts, and the berries from the dried bunches, which are destemmed by hand, are immersed in the fresh must of these grapes. During the fermentation period, which ends in November, maceration of the sugar-laden skins gives the product structure, complexity, colour and a fabulous aromatic exuberance.

Passito di Pantelleria Ben Ryé is an extraordinary example of a meditation wine: enveloping, harmonious, sweet, fresh and smooth. Very rich are the notes of apricot, peach, dried figs and honey that emerge on the nose, just as remarkable are the structure and complexity that enchant the palate: a light and harmonious fusion between sweetness, softness and savoriness. A sweet nectar that expresses all the strength and energy of Pantelleria's two protagonists: the sun and the wind blowing on the Zibibbo grapes. From these elements, combined with a thousand years of man's production wisdom, comes this extraordinary passito: a great passito for meditation, possibly to be paired with rich Sicilian pastries, an excellent companion for a romantic evening or an elegant moment to spend reading a book or listening to good music.


Amber yellow almost coppery


Full, soft and smooth, savory and sweet with a long final of apricot


Intense fruity notes of dried apricot and peach, figs, dates, honey and pleasing mineral hints