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Bonarda vivace 'Cresta del Ghiffi' Fratelli Agnes 2023
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Bonarda vivace 'Cresta del Ghiffi' Fratelli Agnes 2023


The Bonardas lively "Cresta del Ghiffi" is a crisp, simple and drinkable red wine. The aromas are pleasant and immediate, of small red fruits. The taste is fresh and light, balanced and pleasantly tannic: an excellent companion of the table!




Bonarda dell'Oltrepò Pavese DOC


Croatina 100%


Alcohol content

13.5 %


75 cl Bottle


First and second fermentation in steel with indigenous yeasts

Filosofia produttiva

Indigenous yeasts

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


"Cresta del Ghiffi" by Fratelli Agnes is a faithful portrait of the lively Bonarda of the Oltrepò Pavese, expressed in all its great pleasantness. It is literally a wine where one sip pulls the other, given its drinking ease and its fruity taste that harks back to the scent of must that pervades the cellars during harvest days. The Fratelli Agnes winery is located in Rovescala in the province of Pavia, where wine culture has been rooted since ancient times. The winery's focus is always on respect for the environment, and it has distinguished itself by recovering and replanting native and historic grape varieties. "Cresta del Ghiffi" was born in a particular and exclusive area, a kind of cru, with unique territorial and morphological characteristics.

"Cresta del Ghiffi" is made from pure Croatina grapes, also known as Bonarda, from a single west-facing vineyard on a hilltop. The grapes are allowed to over-ripen and harvested late at the appearance of the first fog. For this reason, it is produced only in favorable years when there is not abundant and frequent rainfall. Fermentation and ageing are carried out in steel containers so as to preserve the liveliness, freshness and fruity character of the grape variety.

Fratelli Agnes' lively Bonarda "Cresta del Ghiffi" has a bright and lively ruby red colour, enlivened by a rich and persistent mousse. Its intense aromas are reminiscent of grape must and a la berries, such as strawberry and blueberry. On the palate, it is juicy, full and of pleasing freshness, balanced by pleasant tannin and a pleasant envelopment. It loudly recalls all the traditional dishes of Pavia, winking even at its neighbours from Piacenza who, with their cured meats and fried gnocco, will not be able to say no to "Cresta del Ghiffi."


Impenetrable ruby ​​red


Rich, fresh and tannic, with a pleasant mousse


Intense fruity notes of blackberry and blueberry with hints of cocoa