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Bonarda vivace 'Vaiolet' Monsupello 2023
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Bonarda vivace 'Vaiolet' Monsupello 2023


The Bonarda lively "Vaiolet" is a smooth, clean and flowing sparkling red wine with aromas of violets and small red fruits and a lively, finely tannic taste. With, in the finish, a pleasant residual sugar that prolongs the drink




Bonarda dell'Oltrepò Pavese DOC


Croatina 100%


Alcohol content

13.5 %


75 cl Bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Bonarda Vivace "Vaiolet" is a quality red wine that originates in the Oltrepò Pavese area, a wine-growing area in which the Monsupello winery is based, a historic production entity that has been producing since 1893. It is a label with a highly drinkable profile, which, thanks to a slight residual sugar content, pampers the palate with an incentive taste. One to keep an eye on not only for its good quality but also for its eye-catching price, to say the least, the flagship of a product that never disfigures!

Bonarda Vivace "Vaiolet" comes from the pure use of Croatina grapes, grown in vineyards in Torricella Verzate, Redavalle and Pietra de' Giorgi, facing southwest. The plants, whose age is around 20 years, grow guyot-trained and sink their roots into soil consisting mainly of clay and silt. After a cold pre-maceration, the must ferment alcoholically. This is followed by a refermentation in an autoclave, after the addition of sweet must, and the Bonarda is finally microfiltered and bottled.

This "Vaiolet" is a Bonarda Vivace that announces itself to the eye with a concentrated red colour, enhanced by some more purplish reflections in the rim. The olfactory spectrum is orchestrated around typically floral notes, from which slight touches of small red fruits also emerge. On the palate, it is young and vinous, with a full-bodied sip that moves on a fresh flavour texture, which encourages repetition of drinking; there is also a slight residual sugar, which is very pleasant. A label with which the Monsupello winery gives us a not inconsiderable resource at the table, capable of pairing with a multitude of ingredients and preparations: try it with pizza, it will not disappoint!


Intense red with purple hues


Smooth and lively, with fine tannins


Intense and floral, with hints of violets and red berries