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Chambave Muscat Anselmet 2023

Chambave Muscat Anselmet 2023


Chambave Muscat is a very pleasant and delicately aromatic white wine. Product made from Moscato grapes and it is only aged in steel vats to contain the aromatic scent and the typical freshness of the vine. Savory and persistent sip, with aromas ranging from notes of exotic fruit to aromatic herbs and white flowers

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Valle d'Aosta DOC


Moscato 100%


Alcohol content

13 %


75 cl Bottle


Some months in stainless steel tanks

Filosofia produttiva

Independent Winegrowners

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Chambave Muscat Anselmet is a white wine from the Valle d'Aosta in which the most typically varietal scents of the grape are appreciated on the nose. The aromatic spectrum is in fact very interesting, and opens to an equally stimulating sip, in which one savours a dry taste with a savoury finish, very pleasant as the drink unfolds. A bottle that proudly interprets the expressiveness of a wine-growing area that is at times extreme, difficult to work with but capable of giving rise to great wines. To be sipped carefully down to the last drop!

Chambave Muscat is made by the Anselmet cellar from a single parcel located at an altitude between 650 and 700 metres above sea level. We are located in an area with a steep slope, characterised by a considerable climatic difference and a mainly sandy and loamy subsoil, where the Chambave Muscat vines grow using the spurred cordon system. The flower must vinifies in stainless steel containers, where the temperature is kept under control. The final stage of ageing also takes place in stainless steel for several months, until the wine is deemed ready to be bottled and placed on the market.

Chambave Muscat Anselmet announces itself in the glass with a very bright straw yellow colour. The olfactory spectrum denotes a combination of varied floral notes, enriched by hints of aromatic herbs and hints of tropical fruit. In the mouth, it enters with a medium structured sip, with good aromaticity and persistence. A savoury aftertaste is appreciated in the finish. This is a label born of extreme viticulture, amidst whose myriad difficulties Giorgio Anselmet moves with dexterity, the creator of a centred and proactive production, one to keep an eye on.


Bright yellow


Of medium intensity and structure, with a delicately aromatic sip and a savory and persistent finish


Notes of white flowers and acacia, with a finish of aromatic herbs and exotic fruit