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Chambave Muscat Passito 'Fletri' La Vrille 2020 - 37.5cl
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Chambave Muscat Passito 'Fletri' La Vrille 2020 - 37.5cl

La Vrille

La Vrille's Chambave Muscat "Fletri" is a wine Passito harmonic made from grapes sourced from vineyards located at an altitude of 650 meters. On the nose there is a fine succession of candied scents, jasmine, dried flowers, citrus peel and flint. The palate is enveloping, fresh and of great persistence




Valle d'Aosta DOC


Moscato 100%


Alcohol content

13.5 %


37.5 cl Bottle


Natural drying in boxes


Only steel on the lees

Filosofia produttiva

Independent Winegrowners

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


La Vrille's Chambave Muscat Passito "Fletri" was born in the municipality of Verrayes in the beautiful Aosta Valley. It is a small winery combined with the activity of agritourism, a project born from Luciana and Hervé's passion for the world of viticulture and nature in all its facets. We are in the heart of the Via Francigena within the vineyards of Valle d'Aosta, concerned with heroic viticulture, distributed entirely on terraces with an excellent view of Mont Avic and Mont Emilius. The choice of the winery's name is also particular: "vrille" means "tendril," that part of the vine stem that helps the plant cling to supports to develop and is an emblem of tenacity and respect for nature, principles that guide Luciana and Hervé's daily work.

The pure Muscat grapes in La Vrille's Chambave Muscat Passito "Fletri" grow in vineyards neatly arranged amphitheatrically with an ideal southern/southeastern exposure because, for most of the year the rows are hit by the sun's rays, ensuring excellent ripening of the bunches at harvest time. The ecosystem surrounding the vineyards is lush and embellishes the set of flavours and aromas of the grapes: in fact, many aromatic plants typical of the Mediterranean maquis also grow here. Human intervention is consciously managed, and treatments are kept to a minimum, avoiding the use of synthetic chemicals. Once the grapes have been harvested, they are dried in the sun in wooden crates and then fermented in steel. Also, they must age for 12 months in steel and stay in the bottle for 4.

To the eye, La Vrille's Chambave Muscat Passito "Fletri" is a deep straw yellow with golden highlights. The bouquet of aromas is broad and varied: hints of candied fruit, very ripe yellow-fleshed fruit, sweet spices such as caramel and herbaceous notes of flint on the finish. In the mouth, it is enveloping, delicate and elegant, with a fresh finish that draws the drinker in. In pairing it is perfect with dark chocolate-based spoon desserts, and dry pastries; also interesting with goose liver and aged blue cheeses. Excellent reserve wine for special family occasions or for romantic evenings in front of the fireplace during a heavy snowfall.


Straw yellow with golden reflections


Cool, comfortable and with great persistence


High-quality blend of scents with notes of candied fruit, candy barley, ripe fruit and flint