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Gewurztraminer 'L'Heure Doré' Du Vin aux Liens 2022

Gewurztraminer 'L'Heure Doré' Du Vin aux Liens 2022

Du Vin aux Liens

The Gewurztraminer 'L'Heure Doré' Du Vin aux Liens is a macerated wine produced in Alsace, aged for 10 months in stoneware amphorae. On the nose it expresses a boquet of fruity and floral notes, in which peach, thyme and wild flowers stand out, while on the palate it is fresh, flowing and slightly citrusy. To accompany an aperitif with friends or a light lunch with the family!




Gewurztraminer 70%, Pinot Gris 20%, Riesling 10%


Alcohol content

12 %


75 cl Bottle


Whole cluster grape maceration for 7 days and spontaneous alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts


10 months on the lees in stoneware amphorae

Filosofia produttiva

Natural, Indigenous yeasts, Orange Wine, Macerated on grape peel

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


We are on the banks of the Moselle River, amidst the majestic peaks of the Vosges Mountains, in the Alsace region, where a special Gewurztraminer comes to life: 'L'Heure Doré' by Du Vin aux Liens. This white wine, born from the visionary and passionate mind of Vanessa Letort, transports our senses on an enchanted journey through fresh and citrusy aromas and flavors. The label, as bright as a golden dawn, is an invitation to explore the Alsace region with fresh eyes, ready to discover the wonders that only a quality Gewurztraminer can offer. With its delicate yet lively character, 'L'Heure Doré' is a wine to be shared during an aperitif or a light family lunch.

The unique terroir of this region, with its clayey and limestone soils, is the heart of the production of Gewurztraminer 'L'Heure Doré'. Here, Vanessa Letort and her team of partner winemakers work with passion and dedication to carry on a centuries-old tradition. Through cutting-edge winemaking techniques and a deep respect for the land, the wine comes to life with a process that blends mastery and art. From the maceration of the grapes for seven days to the delicate aging phase in sandstone amphorae for ten months, each step is carefully designed to preserve and enhance the authenticity and complexity of this Gewurztraminer.

When 'L'Heure Doré' dances in the glass, it reveals a bright orange color that captivates the eye and imagination. On the nose, the aromas blend harmoniously, with notes of juicy peach, ripe apricot, and wildflowers floating in the air. The palate is a true celebration of freshness and flavor, with a light citrusy hint that caresses the taste buds. This versatile wine lends itself to a wide range of gastronomic pairings and will make every dish and moment special. Whether it's fresh fish dishes or simply a selection of fine cheeses, this wine will captivate the palate with its elegance and complexity.


Bright orange


Fresh, fragrant, fruity and slightly citrusy


Notes of peach, apricot, wild flowers and hints of thyme and herbs