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Grappa di Prosecco Casa Coste Piane

Grappa di Prosecco Casa Coste Piane

Casa Coste Piane

Casa Coste Piane Prosecco Grappa comes from the bain-marie distillation of the best pomace selected from the Valdobbiadene winery. The result is a fragrant, soft and warm grappa, perfect for sipping at the end of a meal, allowing yourself to be struck by its delicate aromatic nuances

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Alcohol content

48 %


50 cl Bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The Prosecco Grappa produced by Casa Coste Piane is the culmination of one of the most interesting realities of the Valdobbiadene area, which has always been committed to sustainable viticulture. All its labels are the result of agronomic management inspired by the principles of organic farming. Harvests are only manual with selection of the best bunches directly in the vineyard. All these attentions result in pure, healthy wines and, of course, high quality marc. Only from excellent raw material comes an elegant grappa, with intense aromas and a crystal-clear taste. A true expression of the company philosophy, it is a distillate that stands out for its extreme purity, pleasantness and delicacy.

Casa Coste Piane produces Prosecco Grappa from vineyards located in Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene, in the historical production area of the best sparkling wines of the Marca Trevigiana. The estate covers about six hectares and the vineyards are located in a hilly area, at an altitude between 250 and 400 metres above sea level. The cool, ventilated climate and soils composed of calcareous-clay marls are particularly suited to the needs of Glera. At the end of the fermentation process to make Prosecco, the best pomace is selected and sent to the famous Capovilla distillery in Veneto, which is considered one of the best in the world. The distillation takes place in stills heated in a bain-marie, so as to have perfect temperature control and a delicate process, which guarantees a final result of extreme finesse. Before bottling, the alcohol content is lowered with light, pure water.

Grappa di Prosecco di Casa Coste Piane is produced in limited quantities and is an artisanal label, signed by master distiller Gianni Capovilla, an absolute guarantee of high quality. The delicacy of the Glera and its light aromaticity form a perfect basis for making a great grappa. The olfactory profile is characterised by notes of white flowers, aromas of ripe grapes, white pulp fruit, citrus, apple, pear and peach. The sip is elegant and harmonious, soft and persuasive, with remarkable aromatic finesse and a long, fresh, fruity finish.


Crystal clear


Delicate, soft and warm


Fresh and fruity, with notes of flowers and ripe white grapes