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Casa Coste Piane

The extraordinary expression of Prosecco between fossils and old-centuries vineyards
Region Veneto (Italia)
Foundation Year 1994
Vineyard hectares 6
Annual production 70.000 bt
Address Via Coste Piane, 2 - 31040 Valdobbiadene (TV)

In Fol area, in a historic area of Prosecco, the small winery Casa Coste Piane is surrounded by small plots of vineyards as green amphitheater of breathtaking beauty. The company is run by Loris Follador, an authority on agronomy but also of history and poetry, helped by his wife Sandra and his children Adelchi and Raffaele. Loris, winemaker for over twenty years, likes to call himself a farmer, the keeper of the land that has to be kept healthy and vital.

The six hectares of vineyards are scattered around the hills at an altitude of between 250 and 400 meters above sea level and are cultivated with great respect for the environment and in the most traditional and genuine way: rigorous, manual, natural grass cover, total rejection of parasitic synthetic herbicides and chemical manures. The rows, rooted on steep grades and evocative, represent a real historical heritage, with examples of screws that exceed one hundred years and are based on sandstones and conglomerates of fossils.

The Prosecco products naturally re-ferment in the bottle and with great personality has established itselfas a benchmark throughout the Valdobbiadene. The strong aromatic freshness combined with the maturity of the fermentation and hints of white fruit are the features of a personal style that gives the wine the ability to surprise and give pleasant emotions.