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'Loghetto - Ammandorlato' Fratelli Agnes 2021
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'Loghetto - Ammandorlato' Fratelli Agnes 2021


Loghetto Ammandorlato by Fratelli Agnes winery is an enveloping still red wine obtained from a brief drying of the grapes prior to vinification: it has an impenetrable ruby color and expresses vinous and floral scents, with references to cherries and fresh almonds, flowing into a fine, soft sip and velvety, enveloping and sumptuous, with a properly tannic finish



Red grapes


Alcohol content

15 %


75 cl Bottle


Light drying in boxes and alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts

Filosofia produttiva

Indigenous yeasts

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Loghetto - Ammandorlato' is a particular interpretation of the area where the Agnes winery is located, the Oltrepò Pavese. The mild, breezy climate and soils with a good percentage of clay have proved perfect for growing red grapes. The label is a version with notes of fruity softness and enveloping aromatic richness that expresses the centuries-old tradition of the area very well.

The red 'Loghetto - Ammandorlato' is a wine born from the experience of one of Pavia's historic cellars. The Fratelli Agnes, since 1960, have dedicated themselves to the valorisation of the most typical red grape variety of the area, seeking to enhance Croatina in all its possible expressions. The grapes come from an old vineyard over 80 years old, planted with an ancient clone, now very rare, that produces small bunches. These vines have a very low yield, but give grapes with very intense and concentrated aromas. At the end of harvesting operations, the best bunches, selected directly in the vineyard, are placed in special crates to rest, so as to favour natural dehydration, before proceeding to classic red vinification with maceration on the skins.

The Fratelli Agnes 'Loghetto - Ammandorlato' wine is a speciality with a special character, a truly unique bottle. In the glass it is dark ruby red in colour with purple highlights. The nose is characterised by aromas of cherry and ripe red fruit, vinous hints of still fresh must, aromas of plum, blackcurrant, blackberry and fresh almond and dried fruit. The palate is soft and persuasive, with rich aromas of ripe fruit, small berry jam, black cherry under spirits, delicately spiced nuances, a lively and incisive tannic texture. The finish is harmonious and suave, with a return to sweet fruity sensations. It is an intense and rich dessert wine, ideal to enjoy with red fruit jam tarts or with chocolate or cocoa desserts.


Impenetrable ruby red


Full, sumptuous, enveloping and smooth, tannic and persistent


Vinous of cherries and morello cherries, plums, almond blossoms, mentholated echoes