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Madeira Malvasia Candida Special Reserve Barbeito - 50cl

Madeira Malvasia Candida Special Reserve Barbeito - 50cl


Madeira Malvasia Candida Special Reserve Barbeito is a blend of the best Malvasias produced in the last two decades by the Barbeito winery. A unique and very sophisticated wine, on the palate it gives a delicate, enveloping sip well supported by a slight acidity, while the nose releases an explosion of aromas in which dried apricot, caramel and delicate spicy nuances stand out. An excellent sweet wine to be enjoyed slowly as a digestive

Not available




Madeira DOC


Malvasia 100%


Alcohol content

19 %


50 cl Bottle

Filosofia produttiva


Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Vinhos Barbeito's Madeira Malvasia Candida Special Reserve is a blend of the best wines produced from the Malvasia grape variety, one of the most widespread in the Mediterranean and the Iberian Peninsula. It is the first grape planted in Madeira during the 15th century by the Jesuit Fathers. Due to its extraordinary qualities, the grape soon became the most sought-after and appreciated on the island for its fruity harmony and expressive richness. Thanks to the efforts of the Vinhos Barbeito winery, today, the charm of Malvasia lives on in its full splendour, offering the ancient pleasure of a fortified wine of rare intensity and density.

Vinhos Barbeito's Madeira Malvasia Candida Special Reserve is made in an important winery on the Portuguese island, which has been the cradle of viticulture for centuries due to its special geographical location. The cool and breezy oceanic climate creates an ideal habitat for vines, which grow luxuriantly, ripening grapes of excellent quality. The grapes come from a historic Malvasia vineyard on the island of Madeira, the legacy of one of the few that survived the destruction caused by phylloxera in the late 19th century. The Faja Dos Padres vineyard is still cultivated with the same vine today, and La Special Reserve is the fruit of harvests from 2006 to 2010. After pressing, the must is vinified traditionally, with fermentation stopped by adding alcohol. A practice that allows residual sugars to remain, which makes the wine pleasantly sweet. Ageing takes place in old French oak barrels for approximately 10 years.

Madeira Malvasia Candida Special Reserve Vinhos Barbeito is a persuasive, smooth liqueur wine with a sunny, ripe, rich, and satisfying face. To the eye, it is golden in colour with brilliant amber highlights. The olfactory profile is intense and very elegant, with aromas of yellow fruit, peach, dried apricot, sultanas, hints of aromatic herbs, dried fruit and notes of oriental spices. Intense and ample, it has dense and deep aromas, characterised by a juicy fruit, which lengthens towards a savoury finish with remarkable persistence on the palate. It goes very well with fruit desserts or apricot jam.


Golden with amber highlights


Soft and enveloping, memories of caramel and citrus zest, very long and dry on the finish


Complex and structured, the aromas of dried apricot and raisins wrapped in deep spicy notes stand out